Adopting a Greyhound: Part 2


The first 72 hours were hard.

And it had nothing to do with the dog, even when I was outside the night after, crying and telling my husband I was a failure. (I do believe I was having a hard time walking her….when Foxy doesn’t want to move, it’s like moving a boulder lol).

Adopting a Greyhound is totally different from adopting a dog from a local shelter. Greyhounds have had a totally different lifestyle. The dog needs to adjust, and so do the owners. Total exhaustion is what brought me down.

The weekend we adopted her, we were awake at 5 am, and neither one of us had much sleep during the night. We left at 6 am and hit the road. At 10 am we reached the GAPC site, in Musquodoboit. And at 2:15 pm, we left with our girl after an almost four hour orientation. Then we hit the road again for the long drive home. (I will add here, despite the long day and exhaustion, it was all worth it).

That night we didn’t sleep much. In fact, I didn’t sleep well for a few days and had to take a sick day from work. I slept near her at night to keep an eye on her. Our lil princess never made a peep.

Hubby and I are both animal softies, so we felt for her having to adjust to her new home. And it wasn’t easy on either of us when it came for housebreaking her. It took the two of us to get her out of her crate. We hated it, but we couldn’t let her sit in agony had she needed to use the bathroom.

It took a couple of days, and then it happened: slow progress. She started out by coming out of her crate on her own and sniffing around. We have caught her tail wagging briefly but those moments are the best. It’s almost like she is afraid to be happy. She was bounced around a lot in her life, so in her mind she is probably thinking that this is another pit stop along the way.

We see progress every day. Our favorite so far was this moment. Pretty sure this is a good sign she is adjusting to her forever home. 😉


The inevitable Greyhound “roach”.  

We’ve had our girl for three weeks now. We adore her. We love up on her all the time, and are patiently impatient for her to love us back. She gets lots of love, attention and treats.

She loves the beach and is even starting to enjoy truck rides.


Being daddy’s copilot from the back seat. 

I can’t wait to write about more of her progress and adventures we have with her. She is a distraction from regular daily life but we aren’t complaining. My writing is on the back burner, but I will get back to it eventually. Helping our new girl adjust and feel comfy is far more important.

Do you have a Greyhound? If so, let me know! Would love to chat to you!


Adopting Our Greyhound: Part 1


We knew years ago that someday we wanted to adopt/rescue a dog at some point. We had really thought it would be good for Hershey, our beloved Boxer. But when she got sick last year and passed away, adopting a dog was put on the back burner.

In fact, what I didn’t tell my husband was that I didn’t know if I ever wanted to own another dog again. Hershey was my girl, and heartbroken doesn’t touch what I felt when she died. I did everything I could to keep her alive. But sadly,  after 10 weeks, she passed away in my arms on the way to the vet.

I was shattered.

A few months back, hubby mentioned applying to the SPCA to adopt a dog. I said “oh sure” but that’s as far as it went.

I had slowly started to come around, but the thought of owning a dog again gave me anxiety. Mr. C suggested we get a puppy, and after a particular awful day, I had a meltdown and added “I can’t do it, we can’t own a puppy.” (I should mention: the awful day didn’t include dogs in any way.)

It was the next day when Mr. C said, “Well, what about a Greyhound?”

An you know what? I didn’t feel any anxiety about that idea. In fact, I was totally on board.

Greyhounds had been on our wishlist for awhile. I immediately started doing research, talking to some friends who used to own them and hitting Google hard before we applied.

The process was a lot quicker than I thought.  We applied to GPAC, Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada. They are an amazing group of wonderful, caring people. We applied online, had an in-home visit, had our vet fill out a form and the last stage was driving to Musquodoboit Harbour here in Nova Scotia. We arrived at 10 am for our orientation. This is when we could ask questions and learn more about the dogs, training, etc… Around 1:30 it was time for the dogs. Hubby and I were each given one to walk, and the owner suggested which one she thought would be better for us.

After a little walking and trying to decide (it was hard!) we settled on this beautiful girl:


E’s Foxberry. Now known as Foxy. Photo is from the GPAC website.

How could we leave that little face behind? Her racing name was E’s Fox Berry, so we decided to keep it simple and call her Foxy.

She’s a dainty little princess, total diva.

And we adore her.

For more information on adopting a greyhound, visit

June Wrap Up: Busted Goals and A New Dog


This past month was good but full of stress and anxiety.

I did get some reading in, but got off track. I do plan/hope to get back to reading next week at some point.

Writing fiction was a total bust, but that’s ok. It happens. Writing here and my letters was so-so. I started out good but petered off when things got busy. I am looking forward to Camp Nano. Not sure how many of my 30 hour goal I will get in, but I will give it a good shot anyway.

When I said this month was full of stress, I meant good stress. Moving my salon was one of those things. We finished setting up shop and we will open for business come Monday. I am really looking forward to the next chapter in my career.

Hubby and I also welcomed a new addition into our home. We did something we had wanted to do for awhile.

We rescued a greyhound.


Meet our girl, Foxy.

Her race name was Foxberry so we decided to go with Foxy. She is shy, timid and a lil diva. But we love her to bits. Now we are on the road to getting her to adjust. With lots of love she will start to relax and come around. We see improvement in her every day. This is a huge change for her. Lucky for her she’s got a mom and dad who understand that.


This was taken the first day or two here. She loves her stuffed bear.

I could ramble on about her but I will save that for another day.

So, while my usual goals went bust (for the most part), I had 2 big things happen that I am over the moon about. My positivity journal has been getting extra notes in it each day.

How was your month?

Camp Nano Prep and Other Shenanigans


Like I said in my last post, June has been a hectic month. But I am focusing on July. Things should be a lot more settled by then. The new salon location will be up and running for the 2nd! And, the stress of greyhound adoption has been lifted since we found out we have been approved! We go on Saturday for an orientation and odds are we will be bringing home our new furbaby. (So, be prepared for a big greyhound post and pics of our new four legged kid 😉 )

With July coming means another month of Camp Nano! I have already signed up and am in a cabin one of my friends started. So I am looking forward to doing it again. My plan of action is what I did back in April. I am aiming for 30 hours of varied writing projects such as blogging, outlining a novel that has been peculating for awhile,  reading more writing related articles (maybe start re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing) and I am not sure what else.

Once July hits I will be finished the salon move and we will have our dog. So things *should* be a little less crazy. Work will be steady and we have a greyhound to help train and adjust, but that’s all good stuff. ❤

Are you doing camp Nano? What are your goals?

June Check In


I realize I haven’t been as active this month as I usually am. I admit this month has been very…busy.

And by busy I mean I have been a ball of stress and excitement.

My co-worker and I decided to look for a new place for our salon. We didn’t expect things to happen so quickly! We messaged someone on a Thursday, thinking “this is just to look”. Yeah, well, Friday we went to look. Saturday we said yes and Sunday the new landlords said great, it was ours. And Monday was the day to give our current landlords our notice. We move the end of this month. Ugh.

While I am very happy about this, it all happened pretty quick and I am not the best with change. I adapt but I usually need more time to mentally prep. However, the initial nauseous feeling has left and now we are just anxious to make the move.

On top of that, hubby and I have applied to adopt a dog. A Greyhound, in fact. We lost our boxer last year. I still cry over Hershey. The only time I didn’t feel sick about owning another dog was when Mr. C suggested a greyhound.

So, we started the process. We have an in-home visit this Saturday. We really hope we get approved. We are good people and we love dogs. Our boxer was our baby. We want to give a dog a good and loving home. Crossing fingers they will let us.

Oh, and then there was my fall. I pretty much had a pity party for a week when I fell down a flight of stairs. Nothing broken, thank God. However I had one hell of a bruise and lots of pain to go with it.

So, that’s my month so far. Big things happening, but all good things. Aside from falling. That kinda sucked.

How have you been this month?

Book Haul


In the last week or so I have had a mini book haul. Brand new beauties for my very crowded bookshelf.

I had read some e-books, but because I loved them so much I had to get the hard copy. If you have read earlier reviews, you know I am a big fan of Candace Osmond. I ordered the first 2 books in her Darktides series….book three may or may not have been ordered as of last night. 😉



I also bought Beyond The Sentinel Stars by Sherry D. Ramsey last week. It is the third book in her Nearspace series and I am looking forward to reading it soon.

books 2


My newest book in my collection was given to me just the other night. My husband knows me all too well. I guess he doesn’t tune me out all the time after all. 😉 As you may know, The Princess Bride is my all time favorite movie. So imagine my surprise- and joy!- when I got this lil gem.

books 3

I started reading this the other night. I am loving it so far! I got an awesome hubster.

So, any new books on your shelf these days? What are you reading?

Early Review: The Blackened Soul by Candace Osmond



Yes. Just yes.

I can honestly say that the third installment in the Darktides series is just as wonderfully well written as the first two. Like the others, there is something always happening, the characters develop  more as the series goes on and the story line keeps you on your toes! And wanna know one of my favorite things?

The books are consistent! That is so huge in a series! I have read books where the author has gone way off base with the plot/characters/etc… But Candace has written these in such a way that I feel like I am just reading one big book, not three.

Book Blurb:

 Dianna’s in over her head.

The Queen is her ship now. Hers to sail with a crew to keep safe as they voyage across the Atlantic to stop Maria’s evil plan of killing her mother. The stress of responsibility, her pregnancy, and helping Henry deal with his PTSD has become a nightmare from which she has nowhere to run. Henry is suffering, refusing to let her in, and Dianna is worried that their love won’t survive the tumultuous journey ahead.

Just when she thinks all hope is lost, a massive storm hits and threatens to sink The Queen. By some miracle of fate, Dianna survives and finds herself alone, stranded on an island to fend for herself. But she soon discovers that the isle may not be as deserted as she thought.

Can she charm her way to safety and find her crew? Or will she be forced to stay on the island forever? 

blackened soul

Dianna certainly has a lot on her plate. She is pregnant, learning how to be captain on her ship, The Queen, and  trying to help Henry, who is dealing with an inner darkness/PTSD. On top of that, she is trying to get to England and save her mother from her evil half sister, Maria.

Things are hard enough for her and she certainly doesn’t have it easy. During a massive storm, she is washed overboard. She survives but finds herself stranded on an island, alone and worried about the fate of Henry and her crew.

But the island is not as deserted as she thinks.

Enter Benjamin Cook. A pirate on his brother’s ship, The Black Soul. He takes her aboard the ship, and finds herself yet again trying to befriend its crew and trying to escape with her life. She learns some terrifying truths about the ship: it and the crew are cursed. Thanks to the greedy Captain Cook who stole a siren heart, his crew and ship are tethered to the island- and have been for a hundred years.

She faces horrid weather, evil pirates, magic, breaking a curse, a siren and even a Kraken. But she does it and survives it all with friends new and old at her side.

The title of the book works in a few ways, and I really like that. For starters, the first thing I thought of was Henry. He is having a really hard time with what happened on Kelly’s Island and what Maria had done to him. He has night terrors and has  attacked Dianna. The guilt makes him retreat further into his darkness.

Then there is the new ship, The Black Soul. Very fitting seeing as how it a) looks like it is charred and b) Captain Cook is insane. His soul is tainted from greed and evil.

I am very excited for the fourth and final book in the series, A Siren’s Call. I am anxious to see how Dianna’s story is going to play out and how everything will tie up. Will she save her mom? Will she kill her sister or grant her mercy? What about the siren who she owes a favor? And what of Benjamin? Did the curse really break and will she see him again? So many questions! Oh yes, I am very anxious already for this book!

The Blackened Soul is available on June 25th. However you can pre-order The Blackened Soul on Amazon as well as pick up the first two books if you haven’t already!