Books And Perks!


I received an e-mail just now from my editors over at Third Person Press. With the upcoming anthology coming out in December, they began an Indigogo campaign. They have done this once before and had great success!

Third Person Press is a small, Cape Breton based, press. I have known the three wonderful women who run it for at least ten years now. They have put a lot of hard work and time into putting these anthologies out. They have worked with me on every story I have put out. They are very involved with the authors, and are patient, supportive and positive.

If you are interested in the anthology, wondering why they are running a campaign, or what kind of perks you get, pop on over to I just made my contribution. Even though one of my perks as one of the authors in this book is to get a free copy, I chose the perk that gets me another copy. Not only do I get to support my publishers (who have been my friends for a long time now), I also get some early Christmas shopping done 😉 (My friend in Australia is waiting patiently for her copy.)

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I’m still sick, and trying not to be depressed on missing the wonderful sunny day. Maybe I will go and get lost in a book! 🙂


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