Planning My Big Geek Chic Wedding


Not only am I excited about my future nuptials, but our friends seem to be as well. Why? Because they know it won’t be a traditional wedding, that this event will reflect us in many ways. One told me “I am totally expecting you to ‘out geek’ my friend so and so’s wedding”. A groomsman has been bragging, apparently, and said it will be “The wedding of the century.” But no pressure, right?

The entire event (wedding, wine and cheese, and dance) will take place in a hall. Since Mr. C and I have many interests and hobbies, I want to include as much as I can instead of picking just one geeky thing. I am a HUGE bookworm. We both love Star Wars, video games, comic cons, comic books, and more. As far as TV goes, we are MASSIVE fans of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy. (And yes, if I can get something SOA related into the day, I will do it! He got me hooked after we started dating, and we always watch the episodes with each other.) So since I have been brainstorming some ideas, I thought I would share, in case other geeks in love are looking for some ideas.

The Cake: I think going with a white cake with some flare is traditional yet fun. Our cake will be an inspiration from ‘The Corpse Bride.’ Our colors are black, pale blue and medium blue so the designs will be black and the cake itself a medium blue. I might see about having figures around the cake, if I can find small ones in the toy section of Walmart.

The Cake Topper: Not 100% sure, but right now either a ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ topper, or a couple playing video games. There are so many fun toppers out there. From Etsy, to Amazon and Ebay, there’s many styles of toppers the soon-to-be newlyweds will love. My problem: too many to pick from!

Geeky Decor: My sister gave me a fab idea, and I plan to make it work. She suggested a large, 3D item, standing close to the cake. It would look cool in photos and give something for guests to talk about. If we were Doctor Who fans, a Tardis would be perfect. We will have to sit down, think of some of our fandoms, and come up with an idea or two. If only there was a Batmobile in town…

The invites: This is where I wish I could have several different styles, just because I can’t pick! We have it narrowed down to two choices. 1-A comic book cover. There are some different sites that will customize these. 2-(my personal fave!) a couple fighting zombies. I especially love the “To death do us part”, written on the top. I can only imagine what our mother’s will say and think when they see these. Props to illustrator,  Manuel Morgado.


The Tables: While each table will be elegant, thanks to my decorator, I will be adding my own twist!! Each table will have a theme. If we do a seating plan, each table will have a name of a famous book couple or duo, instead of a number. So if you happen to be seated at the Batman And Robin table, there will be black and gold glitter, and the famous Bat signal. Originally we were going to have a friend make wine, and have our own geeky labels put onto them. Each table would have  wine bottles to match the theme they were sitting at. Unfortunately, I found out today that the hall doesn’t allow homemade wine. Boo-urns 😦

The Candy bar: This will double as a fun extra as well as our favors. My friends and I plan to make up some fun, geeky names to go with certain candies. The goodie bags will be placed at the tables, and the guests can treat themselves to whichever candies they want! Since we are having a September wedding, Halloween candy will already be out, so I might luck out and find something extra special, instead of renaming the classics for a night 😉

The Photo Booth: Our fab photographers will do a photo booth at the reception. If you have ever been a part of one, you know how fun this can be. If you haven’t, the concept is simple: A sheet is used for a back drop, and props are provided. From feather boas to hats; from fake martini glasses and plastic guns. You throw some gear on, and smile for the birdie 😉 My bridesmaids and MoH (aka my minions) are going to help make/buy some geeky extras. Once Halloween props and costumes go on sale, I want to grab some capes and masks.

The best part of planning my wedding, is all the fun I’m having! For now at least. I still have two years to go, so stress level isn’t high at the moment. I want this day to reflect us, and be what we want. This is after all, our big day.

Are you having a geek theme wedding? What are your ideas and plans? I would love to hear your thoughts! 😀


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