Dawn Of The First Day: 4 Questions For Getting Ready To Write


Nano is just days away. I’ve got a slow day so I’m using it to do final prep for Saturday. Who is ready and pumped? I’m pretty excited but this morning my inner critic woke up from a deep slumber just to tell me my idea is pure shit. So I told him to fuck off. Yup, off to a great start I figure.


Dawn Of The First Day: 4 Questions For Getting Ready To Write.


Happy Mail!


Ever have one of those days that starts off so good that you just know it’s going to be a good day? That’s the kind of day I had. Totally makes up for last Friday, when anything and everything went to total crap right from the start.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love pen palling. I also LOVE Halloween. So today my mailbox had a bit of spooky fun 😉 I got a super cute handmade card from a good friend of mine who lives in The Netherlands. I’m crafty and I am jealous of her ability to make the cutest cards. We’ve been writing for just over a year now. I just love her letters. She is very sweet and chatty and I consider her a good friend.

Underneath her letter was a white card, which meant I had to go inside the post office to get a larger piece of mail. (I miss the days of an at home mailbox, but times are changing I guess. At least here, anyway.)  I was very stoked when the mail lady came out with a big brown envelope. It meant that an autograph arrived! And it was from the one and only Henry Cavill, my 2nd favorite Superman!!!


Just Popping In


Last week was the last original post I made. These last few days have been pretty upsetting, to say the least. Some personal things came up which I won’t get into…the internet is not a place where I spill my guts. I’ll save that for private, thank you, and besides, nobody wants to hear me moaning about regular bullshit anyway. Along with that, I’m Canadian, and since you don’t live under a rock, you know what happened here. I won’t rehash what everyone else is saying. I will say it has been a scary week. I have a relative that was just outside of the lock-down zone, which made the situation more terrifying. Mr.C flies home on Monday from western Canada…I just want him home safe with me.

I didn’t plan on posting tonight, but I wanted to. And I’m sorry it’s not exactly geeky. My last blog was something I got away from, and I didn’t want to get away from here. I know this blog isn’t the best one out there, but I like it, and I am happy to have the followers I have. As a writer, part of me figured the only one who would read this was myself 😉 So I am pretty pleased with having just about forty followers. And hello to those who pop in for a browse 😉

I do have some plans for the blog for the new year, like finally getting to book reviews and setting myself a reading goal for 2015. In the meantime, I suspect November will focus on writing, and I don’t know how often I will be here in December since work is CRAZY and also, I have to get ready for that jolly fat man who likes to visit once a year.

Anyway, I hope that wherever you are, your weekend is a good one. My fave day, Halloween, is just around the corner. What do you plan on doing for it? If you dress up, what’s your costume this year? I didn’t think Mr.C would be home, so now I am wishing we knew so we could have planned a party. We will be handing out treats, and curling up with a scary movie. But then at midnight, I’ll hide in my office and begin Nanowrimo!

Penpal of the Week» They just don’t understand…


I’m a huge fan of letter writing. It’s something that I’ve been doing for twenty years now. There is nothing better then finding something fun in your mail box. I don’t follow many pen pal blogs, but this is the main one I follow and enjoy. Today’s post was so cute (and accurate!) that I just had to share.

Penpal of the Week» They just don’t understand….

NaNoWriMo: 2 weeks to go!


Two weeks from today the madness of Nanowrimo begins!! WOOT!!! I’m pretty excited for the most part and I’m slightly nervous. Week two of Nano tends to be the worse for me. It sets the tone for the “Am I going to crash and burn?” question. But I am pretty pumped about my novel idea, so I think know this will be a WINNER year for me. Got to think positive, right?!

Right now Mr.C is away for a few weeks for work. So I have the next two weeks to finish planning and prepping for Nano in peace. He’s pretty awesome when it comes to supporting my writing. When I say I’m hiding in my office to write, he gives me the time and space and doesn’t bother me. And he also gives me a kick in the ass when I need it. I usually hear “Did you write today?” Me:”umm…no…” Mr.C: “Don’t you think you should get on that?”

I have been spending some time over on the Nanowrimo website, posting threads in the forums and adopting secrets and the like. If you are one of the people who have put up with my questions on there, I thank you. I think there are two key groups of people who help you survive NaNo. A supportive family and fellow writers to hash crap out with.

Aside from novel prepping, I plan to indulge in some movies while he’s away. This week is all about Charlie Hunnam. I loved him since I was seventeen. (I really need to buy the box set of ‘Undeclared’.) I’m thinking ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘Dead Fall’, and ‘Frankie go Boom’ will be invading my DVD player this week. I figure some eye candy and entertainment will be needed between all the story planning 😉

 What are you doing these last two weeks before the month of insanity begins?

D’oh! To think we might have missed the bit of Springfield in Canada – Travel – The Boston Globe


I wanted to share this, since I know there are many lovers of ‘The Simpsons’ out there. I live less then an hours drive from this little spot. I have even had my photo taken with Kang and Kodos 😉


D’oh! To think we might have missed the bit of Springfield in Canada – Travel – The Boston Globe.