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I think this is a fantastic idea. I wish I could do this, but with Nanowrimo, I just don’t think I can write a 50k novel and enjoy a classic. If you are into this idea, let Robert know! I am sure he would be thrilled! 🙂

A Life Among The Pages

November as Read a Classic Month?

I had what I think could be a fun idea for the month of November. And, instead of keeping this idea to myself, I’d like to tell everyone about it and get as many people as possible involved.

For those who follow me closely here on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ll probably remember back in May, I read Wuthering Heights. The idea that I’ve come up with for November is similar to the challenge I set for myself for the month of May: to read a classic book and then give a semi-review about my reaction to it.

I want to take this a small step further and make it a little more of a fun challenge. Here are some “guidelines”, though they’re more suggestions, for choosing a book to read in November.

  • It should be a classic. But what’s that mean? Should…

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