NaNoWriMo: 2 weeks to go!


Two weeks from today the madness of Nanowrimo begins!! WOOT!!! I’m pretty excited for the most part and I’m slightly nervous. Week two of Nano tends to be the worse for me. It sets the tone for the “Am I going to crash and burn?” question. But I am pretty pumped about my novel idea, so I think know this will be a WINNER year for me. Got to think positive, right?!

Right now Mr.C is away for a few weeks for work. So I have the next two weeks to finish planning and prepping for Nano in peace. He’s pretty awesome when it comes to supporting my writing. When I say I’m hiding in my office to write, he gives me the time and space and doesn’t bother me. And he also gives me a kick in the ass when I need it. I usually hear “Did you write today?” Me:”umm…no…” Mr.C: “Don’t you think you should get on that?”

I have been spending some time over on the Nanowrimo website, posting threads in the forums and adopting secrets and the like. If you are one of the people who have put up with my questions on there, I thank you. I think there are two key groups of people who help you survive NaNo. A supportive family and fellow writers to hash crap out with.

Aside from novel prepping, I plan to indulge in some movies while he’s away. This week is all about Charlie Hunnam. I loved him since I was seventeen. (I really need to buy the box set of ‘Undeclared’.) I’m thinking ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘Dead Fall’, and ‘Frankie go Boom’ will be invading my DVD player this week. I figure some eye candy and entertainment will be needed between all the story planning 😉

 What are you doing these last two weeks before the month of insanity begins?


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