Just Popping In


Last week was the last original post I made. These last few days have been pretty upsetting, to say the least. Some personal things came up which I won’t get into…the internet is not a place where I spill my guts. I’ll save that for private, thank you, and besides, nobody wants to hear me moaning about regular bullshit anyway. Along with that, I’m Canadian, and since you don’t live under a rock, you know what happened here. I won’t rehash what everyone else is saying. I will say it has been a scary week. I have a relative that was just outside of the lock-down zone, which made the situation more terrifying. Mr.C flies home on Monday from western Canada…I just want him home safe with me.

I didn’t plan on posting tonight, but I wanted to. And I’m sorry it’s not exactly geeky. My last blog was something I got away from, and I didn’t want to get away from here. I know this blog isn’t the best one out there, but I like it, and I am happy to have the followers I have. As a writer, part of me figured the only one who would read this was myself 😉 So I am pretty pleased with having just about forty followers. And hello to those who pop in for a browse 😉

I do have some plans for the blog for the new year, like finally getting to book reviews and setting myself a reading goal for 2015. In the meantime, I suspect November will focus on writing, and I don’t know how often I will be here in December since work is CRAZY and also, I have to get ready for that jolly fat man who likes to visit once a year.

Anyway, I hope that wherever you are, your weekend is a good one. My fave day, Halloween, is just around the corner. What do you plan on doing for it? If you dress up, what’s your costume this year? I didn’t think Mr.C would be home, so now I am wishing we knew so we could have planned a party. We will be handing out treats, and curling up with a scary movie. But then at midnight, I’ll hide in my office and begin Nanowrimo!


2 thoughts on “Just Popping In

  1. bear1982

    You can have a costume party! 😉 I have friends who do that for their birthday sometimes, and their birthday is nowhere near Halloween 🙂


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