Happy Mail!


Ever have one of those days that starts off so good that you just know it’s going to be a good day? That’s the kind of day I had. Totally makes up for last Friday, when anything and everything went to total crap right from the start.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love pen palling. I also LOVE Halloween. So today my mailbox had a bit of spooky fun 😉 I got a super cute handmade card from a good friend of mine who lives in The Netherlands. I’m crafty and I am jealous of her ability to make the cutest cards. We’ve been writing for just over a year now. I just love her letters. She is very sweet and chatty and I consider her a good friend.

Underneath her letter was a white card, which meant I had to go inside the post office to get a larger piece of mail. (I miss the days of an at home mailbox, but times are changing I guess. At least here, anyway.)  I was very stoked when the mail lady came out with a big brown envelope. It meant that an autograph arrived! And it was from the one and only Henry Cavill, my 2nd favorite Superman!!!



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