OMG I did it. I finished the feckin thing. Ok, well I haven’t been able to write “The End” yet, but I’ll get there soon (ish). First I’m letting my brain refill with words, over come “brain strain” and give my fingers a break from typing. It has been a roller coaster of a month, but isn’t it always?!


The Last Dash: One Week Left for NaNoWriMo


Hey all! So who is still giving their novel a go and who has given up on the month from hell? Last night I really debated on being done with it. I even told Mr. C that I was quitting Nano but I wasn’t giving up on my novel.

That all changed this morning when I woke up and thought “Fuck it!” and sat down at my laptop where I spent several hours catching up. I had not written a word in four or five days so I was waaay behind in my word count, unlike where I started at the beginning of the month which was waaaay ahead.

I wrote just shy of 7000 words. At the end, my poor brain felt numb and worked over, but it was worth it.

About 6500 words of that is garbage. I am not even joking. I can’t wait for December 1st to roll around because when edit time comes, I know the first section that is getting a major face lift.

I’m not sure if I am going to get to write ‘The End’ come the end of the month, and that’s okay. The fact I am writing and not giving up is what makes me proud of myself. I have been thinking of goals and challenges I want to set for 2015, and one of them will be to finish and edit this feckin novel, but not until my brain has been replenished of words and stops hating me for what I do to it each November.

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening making mail art before I watch this weeks episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ (I am super pissed there is no new episode of S.O.A this week. Kurt Sutter had to take his evil up a notch by making every one wait an extra week, didn’t he???)

How goes your battle? Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

happy friday!


It’s Friday, which happens to be everyone’s favorite day of the week. Unless you have to work on Saturday, that is.

For me it is the end of the week and I plan on having some geeky fun this weekend, which will include writing, a Nanowrimo meet up and getting crafty.

My weekend is starting off right. I had some free time this afternoon and I popped out to the library. They sell used books and I always like checking out the pile. Sometimes they are all duds but sometimes I find some gold!
I was pretty pumped with my book finds today. A few years ago I read “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld and I loved it. I read the next two books in the series and hadn’t gotten to read the fourth. Today I found three of the books on the sale pile! Sweet! I’m surprised “Uglies” wasn’t there but the librarians will keep an eye out for me. But finding three books was pretty good. And I paid a whopping total of $1.50. My inner book freak is pretty happy.

Where do you like to buy used books? Online? Flea markets? What was your favorite find?

To my fellow Nano’s, I hope your novels aren’t kicking your ass too badly. I’m doubting I’ll make it to 50k, but luckily there’s still time to try.

National Novel Writing Month – 5 Tips for NaNoWriMo from Stephanie Perkins, Writer Extraordinaire


I really needed to read this today. It came in at the perfect time. Every year during Nano, I get to a point where I either give up, or I fight the urge to do so. This morning I was having a ‘fuck it!’ moment, deciding to give up and finish it in the new year, when the craziness of the holidays are over. But no, I won’t give up. Even if I don’t make it to 50k, I won’t throw in the towel now. There’s been too much poured into this already. So, if you are having the kind of day I had with my novel, read this. It might just give you the push to keep that sucker going!


National Novel Writing Month – 5 Tips for NaNoWriMo from Stephanie Perkins, Writer Extraordinaire.

Book Launch


I loved to tell stories since I could talk. I loved books since I knew what they really were. Before my father passed away, he told me about how fascinated  I was with them. I wasn’t even two years old, and he would pass me a book upside down, but I would turn it so it was the right way. He’d pass one to me backwards, but I would flip it around. So I guess being a bookworm was something I have been since the beginning.

When I learned to read, I ran off the school bus screaming to my mom. I would look at the words as she read to me as a little girl, wishing I knew what they said. When I read my very first word (which was ‘the’, by the way), it was like striking gold. Like I unlocked a key to a hidden universe. (every so often she still tells me of the day I ran in the house screaming “I can read! I can read!”)

After learning how to write, I started putting my stories on paper. I would write all the time. As I got older, I dreamed of seeing my name in print, but didn’t think that would ever happen.

Several years ago, my first short story was published. My story ‘Awake and Alive’ was published in Third Person Press’s first anthology. I was beyond thrilled, proud, and excited. Seeing my story in an actual book was surreal. The moment was bittersweet. My dad wasn’t around to see that my dream came true. But I believe he was there at my first book launch, even though I couldn’t see him.

And now, I am proud and happy to say my fourth short story is being published, and it comes out on December 5th. My short story ‘Fever’ will appear in book four of the elements series published by Third Person Press. In case you haven’t heard of these books, they are speculative fiction. Stories ranging from vampires (that’s me 😉 ), magic, horror, sci-fi, and whatever else fall under that wide umbrella. I am excited to get my copy, so I can read stories from these other great authors. If you are interested in seeing what books they sell (hard copy or e-book), or to see what their submission guidelines are, they are found over at


As far as my current novel goes, I am over 26k in my word count. Nanowrimo is slightly kicking my ass. This is day two with no writing. (Thanks to a ‘wonderful’ friend named Migraine.) But I will keep going. I’m loving my novel, and I won’t get closer to my dream of having a novel published if I let NaNoWriMo eat my soul.

The Definitive Ranking Of Places To Write


Bare Knuckle Writer

I’ve either seen this at church or airbrushed on the side of a van.

Desk:  This is your writing sanctuary. It’s got everything set up just the way you like it, with the pencil holder and the computer and the caged marmoset that you can unleash to get you coffee. This is your place.

Pro: It’s your territory. Try not to urinate on anything, though.

Con: Unless you are vastly different from me, any flat surface in your house is quickly colonized by half-read books, drawings of rockets, robot statues, and Cats of Unusual Size. You can either clean or attempt to write on top of this mess, neither of which is great for focus.

Rating: 7/10 because of cat hair in my coffee.

Bed: It’s comfy. It’s cozy. It’s got pillows that you can make into a fort. And thanks to Wi-Fi, you don’t even have to get up…

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