Happy Writing!


For those of you who celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a safe and spooky evening 🙂 I enjoyed passing treats out to almost fifty kiddies, and kicked myself in the butt for not dressing up too. (I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me this year!) I followed that by finally watching the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. (I can’t even go into a review…all I kept thinking were things like ‘Splinter doesn’t sound like that’, and ‘God I hate their NOSES’.) Anyway, I’m a die hard TMNT girl and have been since the age of seven. So, old school turtles are the best in my books.

Anyway, I am all prepped and about to start Nano since in just a couple of minutes it will be November 1st! (and Mr.C said I couldn’t stay awake for this. Pfft.) Good luck to all my fellow writers!!! 🙂 I’ve got my story bible and index cards all ready to go!!



6 thoughts on “Happy Writing!

    • bear1982

      Hi! Good question! 🙂 I keep it handy at all times when I’m writing. Sometimes it comes in handy if I forgot a small detail. (eye color, a store name, etc). For example, just a few minutes ago, I couldn’t remember the name of the pub one of my characters owns, so I double checked my book. I have character notes and plot notes as well, so I use them for reference. Since my novel has vampires, I also keep their mythology I created in a section of it as well. I just find it a quick and handy way to keep all my important story info at my finger tips for easy access 🙂 Plus, when I’m at work or out in town, if I have a new idea/development, I just add it into my notebook.


    • bear1982

      Oh wow, that’s awesome! Yeah I LOVE index cards. Personally, it is what works best for me. I am in panic mode because I am thinking I didn’t create enough and I figure I’m going to get stuck at some point this month. So I am praying for the best and hoping my characters can fill in the blanks for me 😉


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