Book Launch


I loved to tell stories since I could talk. I loved books since I knew what they really were. Before my father passed away, he told me about how fascinated  I was with them. I wasn’t even two years old, and he would pass me a book upside down, but I would turn it so it was the right way. He’d pass one to me backwards, but I would flip it around. So I guess being a bookworm was something I have been since the beginning.

When I learned to read, I ran off the school bus screaming to my mom. I would look at the words as she read to me as a little girl, wishing I knew what they said. When I read my very first word (which was ‘the’, by the way), it was like striking gold. Like I unlocked a key to a hidden universe. (every so often she still tells me of the day I ran in the house screaming “I can read! I can read!”)

After learning how to write, I started putting my stories on paper. I would write all the time. As I got older, I dreamed of seeing my name in print, but didn’t think that would ever happen.

Several years ago, my first short story was published. My story ‘Awake and Alive’ was published in Third Person Press’s first anthology. I was beyond thrilled, proud, and excited. Seeing my story in an actual book was surreal. The moment was bittersweet. My dad wasn’t around to see that my dream came true. But I believe he was there at my first book launch, even though I couldn’t see him.

And now, I am proud and happy to say my fourth short story is being published, and it comes out on December 5th. My short story ‘Fever’ will appear in book four of the elements series published by Third Person Press. In case you haven’t heard of these books, they are speculative fiction. Stories ranging from vampires (that’s me 😉 ), magic, horror, sci-fi, and whatever else fall under that wide umbrella. I am excited to get my copy, so I can read stories from these other great authors. If you are interested in seeing what books they sell (hard copy or e-book), or to see what their submission guidelines are, they are found over at


As far as my current novel goes, I am over 26k in my word count. Nanowrimo is slightly kicking my ass. This is day two with no writing. (Thanks to a ‘wonderful’ friend named Migraine.) But I will keep going. I’m loving my novel, and I won’t get closer to my dream of having a novel published if I let NaNoWriMo eat my soul.


2 thoughts on “Book Launch

    • bear1982

      😦 That’s brutal. I hope you feel better soon!! I wanted to write your letter today too. Nothing getting done when a migraine hits! 😦


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