It’s Over, So Now What?


Hello all!! To those of you who rode the roller coaster that is Nanowrimo, congrats to you for surviving it! If you didn’t finish, don’t be hard on yourself. You gave it a go and writing 5000 words is better then nothing! To those who wrote the 50k (and in some cases, double that) well done! (If you are one of the writers who wrote 75k and up, I bow down to you. Seriously, my brain barely cracked out the 50k.) To those of you who don’t write, thanks for putting up with my writing updates and the like. You are troopers.

Since I was finished a few days early, I spent the weekend being pretty much mindless. Coffee dates with friends, music and tv is what filled my weekend. Including the new episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ (I can’t even talk about it! OMG!)

Anyway, now that December first has rolled in, it is time for me to put aside the novel for awhile. It is on my list of things to do/finish come 2015. I need to step away from it, and let things settle and look at it again with fresh eyes and a invigorated brain cells.

My geeky Christmas preps are starting, and soon I have the book launch. I’m doing a reading which makes me feel nervous as hell, yet I feel pretty honored at being asked to do one. I am pretty excited that this Friday my newest short story will be out, and I will be among some wonderful authors. I am very excited to read their stories!

I have also thought of all the things that have been neglected during November. Not the cleaning, because who cares about silly dusting!? My book shelf grew over the month, thanks to book sales at the library. And more poor mail pile is creeping up. I made promises to write two letters last week yet failed on both. I’ll work on the mail pile this week, and hopefully get some reading in at some point. I’m trying not to stress too much over the holidays, and trying to do get in as much fun and craftiness as I can.

So, what plans do you have? Are you continuing to work on your novel or pushing it aside for the holiday madness?


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