Book finds!


My nerves are pretty much shot this morning. Like any fangirl (or boy), the latest episode of my fave show has me in knots. I have mentioned before about being a HUGE fan of Sons Of Anarchy. The newest episode was great, and I have a sick feeling what the series finale is going to bring. (Spoiler: I was pretty pissed at first when Jax had sex with an ex just after killing two people. My fiance said “Think of it, this will probably be his last time. He’s totally getting killed next week.” Me: goes into total silence and denial.)

So to settle my nerves, I hit the local library to check out their table with books for sale. I was lucky yet again to find a couple of gems. I bought ‘Divergent’ for just one dollar, and ‘Safe Haven’ by Nicholas Sparks for fifty cents. I haven’t read any of his novels in a long time so I’m looking forward to reading this.

I’m pretty happy with my new finds. More books added to the winter reading pile πŸ˜‰ If you watch Sons Of Anarchy, what did you think of last nights episode? Have you read either of these books? Tell me what you think!! I haven’t seen the movie for ‘Divergent’, and I’m wondering how the book and movie compare. The book is always better! At least in my experience. πŸ™‚


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