Cape Breton Island


With holiday planning and work being crazy, I haven’t found much time for my blog. I was able to sit for a few minutes this morning, and this was the first thing I read. I had to share it. It is my home, and I love knowing what a visitor thinks of the place I love so much.


I had the great joy of traveling to Cape Breton island last month to do a stills shoot for Johnny Reid, and film 2 videos for him, one of them featuring Jimmy, Heather and Cookie Rankin, and Natalie McMaster.  Not only was I so excited to be in a legendary part of my wonderful Canada that I had never visited, but basically working with these folks in that part of the world is like working with royalty.

My first impression of Cape Breton, landing in a tiny airport in Sydney, Nova Scotia at 1am (a little bleary-eyed after 14 hours travel from LA) and taking a taxi to the hotel, it briefly reminded me of traveling outside Stockholm, Sweden or Aarhus, Denmark late at night – relatively sparse landscape, our headlights feeling diminished in vast blackness, the roadside trees providing a brief whisper of presence for which our headlight beams…

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