Christmas Book Haul


Mr. C told me for the last few months that I would NOT be getting any new books for Christmas this year. I thought he was a big meanie, and figured okay, well I will get my own during the Boxing day sales!

So imagine my surprise this morning when I ended up unwrapping a total of 6 new books from him! Plus one from my mom. (Ok, so I picked that one out myself and she gave me the money for it.)


The J.R Ward is the one I picked out myself. It is part of her Blackdagger Brotherhood series (which I am addicted to. Bad ass vampires who would die for their mates…yup, totally my thing!)

The first three books are the ones you see up top. I don’t usually read biographies of any sort unless they REALLY interest me. But since I love Ron Pearlman, John Lithgow and Jeff Dunham, I am pretty stoked and happy to get these. BONUS: The John Lithgow book is SIGNED!! SWEET!! (I loved him since I was eight, after watching ‘Harry and the Hendersons.’)

Then I opened book two in the ‘Locke and Key’ series. I had bought book one back in the summer at Fan Expo, so I had been hinting (*cough* bugging) for book two for a little while now.

And then, and then I hit the jackpot. I pretty much freaked. I opened Bratva, which takes place in the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ world. The final book I opened was the hardcover SOA companion book, which is beautiful and awesome and smells soooooooooooo good.

As much as I want to crack into one of these right now, my eyes are heavy with a turkey hangover.

Did you get any new books? If so, which ones!? 🙂


One thought on “Christmas Book Haul

  1. lalumii

    I didn’t get any new books per se, but I did buy one for a friend that I know she’ll let me read later on. It’s The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, and it sounds fascinating and mysterious!


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