Happy New Year!


Just stopping by to say that I hope you all had a great New year’s 🙂 We had a quiet night in, which worked for me. I was very content in my Sons Of Anarchy onsie, eating snacks while watching ‘Boston Legal’. (Which Mr. C has recently got me hooked on.)

After going to my mom’s for dinner, we came home and I promptly got back into my pj’s, sat with my iced coffee and one of my new books.


One of my newest additions to my book shelf is the Sons of Anarchy companion book. I am on page 48 and could be farther but I am taking my sweet time with it. I am absorbing every single word, detail and photo that is in this book. If you are a fan this is a MUST have. When I unwrapped it, I squealed like a teenager and smelled it. (Yeah, that’s right. I smelled it.) For the record, it smelled wonderful.

The writing is very well done, the photos are beautiful, the book as a whole is an amazing quality. Not only am I learning more on the process/thoughts from the creator, Kurt Sutter, but the other actors chime in as well. I am totally, absolutely, in love with this book and I am going to take my time enjoying every page.

I hope that your first day of the year is a great one! 🙂 What are you up to?


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. lalumii

    Glad you’re enjoying your book! There’s nothing better than savoring its words and photos while relaxing with a drink.
    I did some light housework and read a little bit– nothing crazy on the first day of the year, but exactly what I needed after such a busy holiday.

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    • bear1982

      sounds great! After the busy holidays we all need a way to relax. Cleaning and reading are pretty good! I cleaned a bit today too.


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