Checking In


I haven’t been very active here the last couple of weeks due to some personal issues. Some things have taken a back burner without me meaning it to happen. My 2015 has started out on rough footing. And soon my mom will be having an operation, which will mean my focus will be purely on her (which it should be).

I still intend to do my snail mail challenge come February. I have received a couple of emails in regards to it and they will be the first people on my list to send a little card or note or letter too. I am really looking forward to this even though things here have been wonky.

I hope all of you are well and that this year has been treating you great so far. I have had the bonus of making a new friend, one who is geeky and understands a lot of the personal stuff I have been going through. So even though things are a bit crappy, it could be worse and hey, good stuff is still happening.

Much Love,

~The Geeky Book Lady


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