Month Of Letters


A couple of weeks back I mentioned my personal snail mail challenge. Come February, my goal is to write one piece of mail each day.

I was on one of my penpal groups the other day,, and I spotted a post where someone mentioned a month of letters, which happens to be February. I love the fact that I am not the only one out there that has the same thing on their mind, to have their own snail mail challenge.

While I am no longer looking for new penpals, my earlier post mentioned that if you want a piece of mail, I would be only too happy to send you one come next month. I have had three people get in touch with me so far, and that is three more then I thought I would have to be totally honest. So I am pumped! 😀

I’m going to spend some time this evening getting crafty and maybe making some envelopes. In the meantime, if you want some happy mail but have yet to contact me, go for it! As long as I don’t get a MASSIVE request, I plan on sending snail mail to anyone who would like a piece. Because who likes getting boring bills and junk mail?!

My email for this is Tell me a little about yourself and your address. And don’t worry, your addy is safe with me. Soon as I write you, I will delete the email and that’s that. If you have sent a legitimate email to me and have not heard back, it is because your message was marked as suspicious, and I won’t open anything of that nature. Oh, and to those lovely people who wrote asking for money, fuck off please 😉 (I find these funny, I mean who the fuck falls for that shit these days???)

Has anyone else decided to do this, or at least attempt it? I am looking forward to creating some happy mail to send off around the world 🙂


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