Letters Vs Emails.


I love this post!! 😀 And I can’t wait to write to Shannon next month during my snail mail challenge!

The simple joys of life

As a child, I would often receive letters and packages in the mail from my grandmother and occasionally, my aunt. Each package was a fun surprise and I looked forward to ripping into the brown paper wrapped boxes and discovering a beautifully written letter, freshly knitted colourful socks, stickers or books. She always hit the nail right on the head with her awesome little parcels and I was always delighted when the I would open the mailbox and find a parcel pick-up card.

As I grew older, my fondness for a full mailbox did not dissipate and I grew up to be that weird girl who orders stuff online at intervals to make sure I regularly have a full mailbox. Recently, I rediscovered the website Interpals and found a few women in my age range who enjoy all the delights of pens, papers, rubber stamps and stickers just as much…

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