Two Quick Book Reviews


It is a snowy and blustery Tuesday morning. ‘Bastard Storm 2015’ has started up, which means I have a snow day! Nobody wants their nails done on a day like this.

I have two options. 1) Be productive. Get the house work in order. 2) Stay in my SOA onsie and be lazy. Guess which option I am going with?

I finished book two of the year this morning. Then I remembered I had wanted to do some book reviews this year, so here I go with a quick one on each of the books I have read so far.


Locke and Key vol 2 and the SOA collectors edition.

#1-‘Sons Of Anarchy: The Official Collector’s Edition’. For any fan of the TV show S.O.A, this book is a MUST have! The show was created by Kurt Sutter, evil genius in my opinion, and it had fans hooked for seven seasons. Even now if someone were to watch it for the first time, odds are they are sure to get hooked right away just like I did. The book is a perfect compliment to Kurt’s creation. The large hardcover book (which I swear smelled like leather when I opened it on Christmas morning) is full of info on all seasons, words from the cast and creator, and stunning photos. I savored each page and absorbed it all. If you haven’t finished the season, WAIT to read this. Spoilers abound! As a huge fan of the show and major fangirl, this book is perfect and I give it a 5 out of 5.

#2-‘Locke and Key: Vol.2 Head Games’. A friend of mine mentioned this series to me a few years ago. It sounded interesting and it wasn’t until last summer that I bought book one at Fan Expo in Toronto. I devoured it and had hoped to get the next one for Christmas, which I did. Last night I began to read it, and this morning once I knew I wasn’t going into work, I curled up and finished it. I love these books. A haunted family, a creepy old house, and keys that do all sorts of weird and twisted things. I have been a lover of the supernatural since I was a kid, and these books are right up my alley. This book focuses on a key that can unlock your own head. Want to learn something in a few easy seconds? Pop your top and throw the book in. Want to forget a horrible memory or forget how to cry? Reach on in, take it out, and you will feel much better. Joe Hill is a brilliant writer and the art work is fantastic. It makes me want to get the next book ASAP. I want to know what other horrors are in store for this family, and what other keys exist.

If you are storm stuck like I am, I hope you make the best of it. I rarely get days like this so I like to savor them like when I was a kid getting to stay home from school.


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