Con Fever


It’s around this time of year that I start planning my next convention trip. I’m either booking a hotel and a shuttle for Halifax for Hal-Con, or booking flights and a hotel to Toronto. Along with dreaming of what geeky events I will go to and all the nerdy things I can buy.

Toronto 2013 029

On of my fave spots to check out. I’ve bought several geeky tees and hats here.

Unfortunately,  this year there will be no convention fun. Well, no trips anyway. With our BIG FAT GEEK WEDDING happening next year, we can’t afford any big trips. Not until after the wedding anyway. (BTW, honeymoon is going to be a convention, and we are so buying VIP tickets!)

Toronto 2013 001

First time at Fan Expo was in 2013. It’s a trip I still think about often.

There’s a con starting locally this year, called Caper Con. And we are planning on hitting it up. 🙂 I will get more pumped once details start being announced, and at least we don’t have to worry about travel (it’s a twenty minute drive away) or hotel (just our own geeky hideout.)

Toronto 2013 008

You never know who-or what!- you will see at a convention. 😉

But I admit I miss planning a trip. I’ve been talking about conventions a lot over the past two weeks with people, which is fueling my con fever. If only I could win the lotto to do All The Things! 😉

fan expo and Toronto 2014 014

Every single con I have been to, there is ALWAYS LOADS of Star Wars. (Not complaining!)

In a future post I will show you some of my fave highlights from cons I have been to. And I would love to hear stories from you as well! What do you love most about comic cons? If you’ve never been, what interests you most?


Fan Mail Success!


It wasn’t too long ago (just after the new year, I do believe), that I wrote to Alan Cumming, who has done various movies as well as voice work.

One of my favorite roles that he plays is ‘Nightcrawler’, in ‘X-Men 2’. So I was pretty pumped to get this in the mail today!


Alan as Nightcrawler.

Mr. C wrote to him as well, and also got his in the mail as well.

This is currently in a safe place until I add more pages to my album. Then I will be adding this (and others) to it. 🙂

‘Bastard Executioner’ FX Pilot Cast Set: Stephen Moyer, Katey Sagal & Kurt Sutter Co-Starring, Matthew Rhys Recurring


I am VERY pumped for this! 😀


Kurt Sutter’s FX pilot The Bastard Executioner has set its cast. In his follow-up to Sons Of Anarchy, Sutter is breaking in new talent, casting unknown Australian theater actor Lee Jones as the lead.

Image (1) StephenMoyer-new1_20110622172245.jpg for post 570673True Blood star Stephen Moyer and Sam Spruell are set for major roles in the period drama, as is SOA’s Katey Sagal. This time around, Sagal will be joined in front of the camera by her husband, Sutter, who also will be a regular on the show, playing Sagal’s character’s “mute” mate and guardian who rarely speaks and does not show his face.

2014 New York Comic Con - Day 2Rounding out the regular cast of the Fox 21 TV Studios-FX Prods-Imagine project are fellow SOA alum Timothy V. Murphy, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Darren Evans, Danny Sapani, Sarah White, and Sarah Sweeney. Additionally, Matthew Rhys, star of FX’s The Americans, will guest star in the pilot. He is expected to recur on the potential series, which…

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My Newest Additions


I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon visiting my mom and sister. My mom’s place is the best place to be. It’s warm, cozy, there’s always yummy food, and yesterday it included books!

The last few times I have gone to see my mom she’s had a book or two to give me. These are the newest to my bookshelf.


Two hardcovers that are just like new!!!

One of the items on my reading challenge for the year is ‘a book your mother loves.’ So, ‘Down the darkest Road’ will be that book, once I get around to it.

And surprisingly, my mother loved ‘Skin Game’, by Jim Butcher. It’s not a genre that would normally appeal to her, but she read it and loved it as well.

I am ashamed to say that I have yet to read any of Jim Butcher’s books, but they ARE on my ‘To Be Read’ list. And now that I have one, I have extra incentive to hunt down the first in the series and start reading them.

Have you read either of these books? If so, what did you think?

My Book Journal


I had hoped to write another book review today, but since the week was busier then I had expected, I never had the chance to finish reading my current book. (Which happens to be ‘The Murder Prophet’, by Sherry D. Ramsey. I am loving it so far. She’s one of my fave authors, and who can go wrong with a book that has a talking goose addicted to video games?! But more on that another day.)

Earlier in the year while cruising around the interwebs, I found several posts and pictures on homemade reading journals. So I thought I would create my own as well. I have a Smashbook started, which I will write about another day. The journal is a bit more simple.


I’m such a geek that I needed to have a title page.

I started off the first two pages with a copy of my reading challenge for the year, as well as my first book of the year.

IMG-20150222-00731The info on each page is pretty basic. I have the title of the book and its author, my star rating, a mini review, a quote or two, the date I finished reading it,  and I even print off mini pic of the book cover.


I think adding stars is cute. I plan on buying a pack of stickers, to make it easier.

I hate my writing, so sometimes I will print off the title, like I did with ‘Lover Unleashed.’


By using the back and front of each page, this journal will probably last me a couple of years.

It’s a simple and basic book but I love this idea and I like keeping track of my books this way. I might start another one for books I have read in the past.

Do you have a reading journal? What info do you put in it?

Month of Letters: Update


Back in January I talked about my personal snail mail challenge. That February would be a month where I write a letter every day, and I invited ‘you’ to join me. I had about eight e-mails from my lovely followers here and some peeps on Twitter. Which was more then I thought I would get.

So here’s the scoop: To every one who emailed me, gave me their address and told me a bit about themselves, there’s a letter from me on the way (and in some cases, letters have already arrived). Sometimes things happen. Letters get lost or damaged. The only thing now is to cross my fingers and hope that they all arrive safely to you. Those letters are now in the hands of Canada Post, and I hope that they arrive safely to each and every one of you. If/when they arrive, please let me know! 🙂

I am doing pretty good with keeping on track. I’m a letter or two behind but I can make that up in no time.

If you are doing a Month of Letters, how is it going for you?