IGGPPC 28 Days of Lists: Day 3


I sat down here at my desk and began to write a letter to the lovely Rosa when I remembered that I hadn’t checked what topic was up next on my list.  For those of you that don’t know, IGGPPC is International Geek Girl (or guy!) Pen Pal Club. (By the way Rosa, don’t worry. I will be continuing your letter very shortly 😉 )

I wasn’t going to post today’s list, but I thought it was important. The topic? The things you would tell to your teen self.

I hated school until I hit tenth grade. I had been bullied and felt like an outsider. But even though I had hard times, I came out stronger on the other end. Added bonus: technology wasn’t how it is today. When I was picked on or bullied (thanks to the bitch-zilla in seventh grade). At least it was done at the end of the day. There was no cell phone to text hatred. No Facebook attacks.

So, things I would tell my teen self:

1- It’s ok to be yourself.

2- You are not a loser.

3-You are not worthless.

4-You really should break up with the guy you meet in tenth grade by year three, and not by the sixth. He’s a loser. You can do better.

5- Be your awesome geek self and tell the haters to kiss your ass.

6- Stop being afraid. Stand up for yourself. Find that voice.

7-Save up your money. Unless you are buying books. They are always the best investment.

What things could you wish you could tell your teen self?


One thought on “IGGPPC 28 Days of Lists: Day 3

  1. NazyMidget

    I hated high school. Kids can be so mean and inconsiderate.

    I would tell my teen self:
    1) Be who you want to be, not what others think you should be (or what their “perfect” society requires)
    2) It’s okay that you didn’t drink and sneak out to ill advised parties
    3) It’s great that you put your studies first
    4) Not going to college is fine, you’re gonna make things happen without it anyway
    5) You are not a depressed person just because you write certain short stories and poetry
    6) Being smart is not a bad thing (even if you are bullied about it)
    7) You are going to be better off than most of the Miss Popularity’s and Jock Straps. Geeks and Nerds for the win
    8) I am so proud of who you are. Present, past and future 🙂


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