Month of Letters: Update


Back in January I talked about my personal snail mail challenge. That February would be a month where I write a letter every day, and I invited ‘you’ to join me. I had about eight e-mails from my lovely followers here and some peeps on Twitter. Which was more then I thought I would get.

So here’s the scoop: To every one who emailed me, gave me their address and told me a bit about themselves, there’s a letter from me on the way (and in some cases, letters have already arrived). Sometimes things happen. Letters get lost or damaged. The only thing now is to cross my fingers and hope that they all arrive safely to you. Those letters are now in the hands of Canada Post, and I hope that they arrive safely to each and every one of you. If/when they arrive, please let me know! 🙂

I am doing pretty good with keeping on track. I’m a letter or two behind but I can make that up in no time.

If you are doing a Month of Letters, how is it going for you?


3 thoughts on “Month of Letters: Update

  1. GingerbreadSagas

    I’m on track so far – and it’s actually going so well, I’ve been writing letters on Sunday, too. I had lots of Valentine’s Card to send out for the IggleSwap, so that took up a few of the days, too. I’ll let you know as soon as your letter arrives! 🙂

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  2. bear1982

    That’s great you’re on track! I’ve been writing on Sunday’s as well. I hope my letter gets there soon. It should have by now, but then again mail traveling from here to your part of the world can take three weeks. Thanks for the update 🙂


  3. Guh! I think I fell off the wagon on this one! I’m terrible at month long challenges. I HAVE been putting out a lot of mail and by the end of February I should defo have at least 22 pieces of mail sent out( I gave myself weekends) but it isn’t an organized one a day.


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