This Winter Is Killing Me


Okay so not literally, but it fecking feels like it.

So far 2015 has been a cruel mistress, and the winter has been just as bitchy. (I’d like to use a harsher word, but my swearing is bad enough. No need to take it up a notch. At least not publicly 😉 )

Just when I thought Spring has finally arrived with sunshine and grass and mud, we get more snow. And the melting landscape is once again a winter wonderland.


On Sunday I got home from taking care of my mom for close to two weeks. Hence my absence. (She’s fine, btw. Just post op recovery 🙂 )

I had hoped to come back with a peppy update and book review. (I’m currently reading ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Stephen King). I thought I’d finish it at my mom’s but I didn’t even crack it open.

But I honestly feel very tired and run down. In a couple of days I plan to catch up on reading some of my fave blogs. And, if I can summon the energy, write a Fandom Friday post! I need to get the geek up and running in this place again! 😉

I did get a couple of fantastic geeky letters and managed to send one out as well. Oh, and ‘The Walking Dead’ finale. HOLY. HELL.

I certainly hope you have all been well. Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

What geeky things have you been up to? DID YOU WATCH TWD??? I NEED to know your thoughts!! 😉


6 thoughts on “This Winter Is Killing Me

    • bear1982

      Well I loved every minute of it because there was so much going on. And I thought Daryl and/or Glen was going to die. The guy in the red cloak was a play on little red riding hood. We have the Wolves (the wolf pack in the comics), then little red riding hood, and in the comics there’s a scene (I haven’t read it but seen a pic online) that someone goes to the gates of Alexandria and says something like ‘Little pig, little pig, let me in.’ So I think a lot of ppl who read the comics are seeing how all of that is playing out on the show.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahhhh that makes a lot of sense! Thanks! Oh I’m excited to see what becomes of the little pig, little pig! Without having read the comics, I love that they adapted the pack of wolves like that. I didn’t dislike the episode, I thought it was good, like most episodes, but a lot of my friends seemed blown away by it..(then again a few of them are comic readers too!) I knew Darryl wasn’t going to get it, but I had a moment where I wondered about Glen. I’m thinking Morgan might be upset with Rick when it all starts back up again. He had been saying how every life is precious, he protected those bad guys by putting them in a car and then he walks in on Rick shooting some guy..

        Liked by 1 person

  1. bear1982

    Shannon I’m glad I helped you make sense of it 😀 And ya, I was wondering the same thing. Morgan and Rick seem to have 2 different outlooks. Will be interesting to see what happens in season 6!


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