My Brief Hiatus


I know it has been a while since I have made a proper post, something aside from my newest autograph that arrives in the mail. It dawned on me last night how little I have been around here. And that makes me a bit sad.

I have mentioned a few times during the winter things that were going on. Illnesses and my mother’s operation took me away from here. I have been sick yet again, which annoys me to no end. I currently have a sore chest and back from all the coughing I have done over the last few days.

I have had other personal issues interfere and other things that have been moved up to the top of my to do list. Tomorrow I get to start some paper work, which I have been putting off for two months. Fun times.

Anyway, I am sorry for my lack of geekiness and the like. I do have ideas for posts which I am anxious to write and get at.

And I do have some fun geek things going on that I will be writing about in the future.

I hope all of you are enjoying your days and thank you for being here and sticking with me.



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