The Importance of Backing Up Your Work


I might have talked about this before, when NaNoWrimo was taking place. But I just had a big reminder of advice I give out often to newbie writers. (And sometimes even those who have been writing a long time don’t think to do this.)

I dug out my memory stick. Something that was long over due, and popped it in my laptop. I wanted to save a few files, and also access a couple of things not on my laptop.

Imagine my surprise (no wait, the horror!) when I wasn’t able to open my files. ALL of my work, located on my memory stick, was inaccessible.

Cue the “I’m gonna be sick” feeling rolling in my stomach.

I panicked, and Mr. C arrived home before I had a mini meltdown. With his laptop and skills he could get me my files,  and also announced I needed a new memory stick. He was lucky he could get what he did for me. A lot of my work was already on my laptop, but there were a few things I needed.

I will buy not one but TWO new ones soon.

I learned a long time ago that it is VERY important to back up your work. The last thing any writer needs is to have their 500 page epic or their character sketches gone in a blink of an eye.

So I always have everything on my computer and memory stick. However, I think I will figure out a third option, because technology can go bust at any moment. I might use Dropbox, or (and?!) email myself a copy of my work, just in case. At the very least I can access that from anywhere.

And good old fashioned hard copy. I do love having a finished piece in my hand, hot from the printer.

Go forth, write, and for the love of God back up those fantastic works in the making! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Backing Up Your Work

  1. I know that feeling of absolute dread as your realise all of your work is gone. I once had such a dramatic meltdown when I thought I had lost all of my school assignments for the past 5 years that I vomited (definitely not a pretty sight). Now I back up my memory sticks on three computers, just in case

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  2. I used to work as a backup admin at a huge data center. After seeing the top notch expensive hardware fail so many times and spending long hours restoring data from the backup tapes, I developed the habit of backing everyhting up. Even the best of the best gear fails all the time, one can’t take chances with it.

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