Book V.S TV Show-Let The Disappointment Commence


Last weekend I went to visit my mom and stayed for the night. She doesn’t live far from me, but some weekends I don’t get to see her so I like spending the extra time with her when I can.

My mom is also a bookworm like me. She has a pile of books beside her comfy chair almost at all times. When I went to visit her this past Sunday, my eyes widened as I spied a copy of ‘Zoo’ by James Patterson and Micheal Ledwidge.


That evening as she picked up her book, I snatched up ‘Zoo’. I stayed up until 1 am reading. As soon as I woke up, I grabbed the book and finished off the 400 page novel.

I. Fucking. Loved. It.

I haven’t devoured a book like that in a long time. I was hooked from the start. If you haven’t read the book or have seen any of the show, basically animals are rebelling against humans. My NEED to know what the hell was going on is what kept me going page after page.

When my fiance picked me up that evening, I told him I had read the book and later on we sat down to start the tv show.

I was excited. I didn’t get my hopes up extremely. After all, how many times has a beloved book get messed up in one way or another on tv or the movies?

I’m five episodes in. And I am pissed!

I could see why new characters were introduced. After all, the book is done mainly in Jackson Oz’s point of view. The first episode wasn’t too bad, but then it started getting very off kilter. In the book, his parents were never mentioned. In the show, we see his mom and his dad. In the book, Oz was the one who knew at some point the animals were going to rise up against humans. In the show it is his ‘crazy father.’ These are just a couple of the many changes that are in the show.

Ever read a book and a small detail was important to you? For me, that detail is Attila, the chimp that Oz rescued. We even see his POV every so often during the book. I also loved the relationship Oz had with him in the beginning. It showed a lot about his character and also the mind of the animals. And so far, there’s no Attila in the show. Bummer.

Every so often Mr. C will ask “Is that in the book? Did that happen in the book?” My answer is ALWAYS the same: “nope.”

So tell me, have you read the book or watched the show? (Or both?) I would love to know what others think. I devoured the book and think it was the best book I have read in a long time.


4 thoughts on “Book V.S TV Show-Let The Disappointment Commence

  1. The book/show thing is why I can’t watch Game of Thrones. It makes my head want to explode after about the third episode and I hear it only gets worse. 😦

    I’ve watched movies of books I didn’t even like and got pissed of that they changed the story so now I just don’t. Some things are fantastic in staying true to the spirit of the story so tweaks are ok but other things fill me with murderous rage.

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    • bear1982

      Yup I know how you feel!! The more I watch ‘Zoo’ the more it goes off track. Tweaks are one thing. Re-writing the story is another!


  2. I have the same problem with Wayward Pines. I haven’t watched the show yet, but only because when my friends who do watch it talk about it, I literally spend the entire conversation thinking “…that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.” It’s like they made a tv AU fanfic!

    Same thing with the Percy Jackson movie and The Last Airbender; movies which are ok in and of themselves, just TERRIBLE representations of their original work. I usually just go into these things knowing they will be completely different than the book and try to appreciate them for what they are. And if I can’t get over the differences, I go with the one I prefer. 😉

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  3. SuAnne

    I liked the book so much. The pheromone problem was so much better a culprit than “big business”. I wish the show had followed the book. Why did they change so much? It’s hardly recognizable as the same novel!


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