Book Shelfie


One of my goals for January was to finally organize and clean out my office/library. It was used as storage for junk and whatnot for the last number of months. I missed my hideout so I made it my top goal for January. And I finished it today! 🙂 While it’s not perfect, it is so much better. I can actually see the floor now. 😉 And my desk is cleaned off. Sweet!

My most favorite part of my office (aka the bear cave) is my bookshelf. A built in case that my hubby’s late uncle had put in. My shelf is home to my many books as well as some of my favorite nerdy collectibles.


The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Munsters collectibles. 

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was reorganize my bookshelf on a Saturday. Who am I kidding, it still is. 😉


I have one section on here for novels by authors I know and other local authors. Plus, the four anthologies I have stories in. 🙂


Undercurrents, Airborne, Unearthed and Flashpoint have four stories from my Lily and Quinn series. These are published by Third Person Press.

This shelf is my favorite part of my home, if I am honest. I plan to get a beanbag chair or another comfy chair and create a little reading area for myself in my office.

What does your shelf look like? Do you have a reading area?


3 thoughts on “Book Shelfie

  1. Are those shelves double-stuffed? You maniac. 😉 — Good on you for cleaning it up. I’m in the process of weeding myself so I can make some room for new stuff. Mixed blessing on my end; I LOVE having so many books, but I know I won’t read them all and they might find better homes if I donate them AND I know it will let me get others I might love…BUT IT’S SO HARD TO LET GO!

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    • TheGeekyBookLady

      Hehe yes those shelves are double stuffed! 😀 hehehe
      Oh I know what you mean! Many of these I have yet to read….sometimes I plan to donate a bunch but give away one or two. Letting go is so hard to do! I would rather build another shelf hehe 😉

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