Month of Letters: Update


Back in January I talked about my personal snail mail challenge. That February would be a month where I write a letter every day, and I invited ‘you’ to join me. I had about eight e-mails from my lovely followers here and some peeps on Twitter. Which was more then I thought I would get.

So here’s the scoop: To every one who emailed me, gave me their address and told me a bit about themselves, there’s a letter from me on the way (and in some cases, letters have already arrived). Sometimes things happen. Letters get lost or damaged. The only thing now is to cross my fingers and hope that they all arrive safely to you. Those letters are now in the hands of Canada Post, and I hope that they arrive safely to each and every one of you. If/when they arrive, please let me know! 🙂

I am doing pretty good with keeping on track. I’m a letter or two behind but I can make that up in no time.

If you are doing a Month of Letters, how is it going for you?


Spiderman and Snailmail!


I am a lucky gal. With almost a month of no incoming mail, I have received a letter today and yesterday.


The cute pink and peach decorated letter I got yesterday, from Rosa in Denmark.

I was very happy to read Rosa’s lovely letter. It was decorated with washi tape, which I LOVE. I have a lot of rolls of it, but I know some people who have waaaaay more.

This morning I was stoked when I opened my mailbox. Not only did I have something that wasn’t a bill, but POW!



I got the most geeky letter of my life this morning! 😀 From Shannon who happens to live in the same province as myself.

spiderman letter

My letter and goodies.


How can you have a bad day when Spiderman is saying hi?!

I am thrilled with both letters. Both were a great read from two great ladies. I am looking forward to replying to them in the very near future! 🙂

Letter Month Kick Off And Some Autographs


A month of letters officially starts for me today! YAY!

For those of you who don’t know, I am going to write at least one piece of happy mail each day this month. This morning I sat to write a letter to Shannon B., as well as make up an envelope for my niece. She collects postcards, and since I have a huge collection, every so often I send her a few. She’s also making my wedding programs, so I sent her a few things in regards to what I want on them.


My stationary I bought from Lapapierre on Etsy, my address book, stamper and stickers for my envelope.

I was pretty stoked writing this letter. After the blah winter we have been having, it feels good getting back into the groove of things.


The envelope for my niece and my finished letter. Oh, and my new Game of Thrones journal. I had nothing at hand to cover the address, so it gave me an excuse to throw that in there 😉 I can’t wait to start filling its pages!

I had a slow incoming mail month in January. But one of those items was an autograph to add to my collection!


Hugh Dancy

About three months ago I wrote to Hugh Dancy, who is currently on the TV show ‘Hannibal’. (Which is an awesome show! Didn’t think I would like it but ate up two seasons in about two weeks!) I was pretty excited to get this.

And since I am a big bookworm, I can’t believe I forgot to post about this next autograph success!


Jodi Picoult

I got this autographed card back from one of my fave authors a couple of months ago. Since I am making a book themed Smashbook (more on that later), I will dedicate a page to her and add this autograph to it.

Who else out there is doing Letter Writing Month? I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

Month Of Letters


A couple of weeks back I mentioned my personal snail mail challenge. Come February, my goal is to write one piece of mail each day.

I was on one of my penpal groups the other day,, and I spotted a post where someone mentioned a month of letters, which happens to be February. I love the fact that I am not the only one out there that has the same thing on their mind, to have their own snail mail challenge.

While I am no longer looking for new penpals, my earlier post mentioned that if you want a piece of mail, I would be only too happy to send you one come next month. I have had three people get in touch with me so far, and that is three more then I thought I would have to be totally honest. So I am pumped! 😀

I’m going to spend some time this evening getting crafty and maybe making some envelopes. In the meantime, if you want some happy mail but have yet to contact me, go for it! As long as I don’t get a MASSIVE request, I plan on sending snail mail to anyone who would like a piece. Because who likes getting boring bills and junk mail?!

My email for this is Tell me a little about yourself and your address. And don’t worry, your addy is safe with me. Soon as I write you, I will delete the email and that’s that. If you have sent a legitimate email to me and have not heard back, it is because your message was marked as suspicious, and I won’t open anything of that nature. Oh, and to those lovely people who wrote asking for money, fuck off please 😉 (I find these funny, I mean who the fuck falls for that shit these days???)

Has anyone else decided to do this, or at least attempt it? I am looking forward to creating some happy mail to send off around the world 🙂