Top Faves of 2018


Hey all! Well, we are about to say goodbye to another year. Since I started off this year focusing on the positive, I thought I would make my last blog post of 2018 on the same note. From books to tv and personal moments, here is my list of favorites from the year!

Book: While I didn’t read as many books as I had wanted this year, I did binge out on some great reads. It’s a hard thing to pick a favorite book, but I think for this list I am going with new-to-me author Candace Osmond and her Dark Tides series, which I have raved about here. The Devil’s Heart is the first in the series and it got me hooked! I am looking forward to reading more of her work in 2019.

Movie: Again, another hard pick. I watched a lot of great flicks and there were a ton that came out this year I didn’t get to watch yet. But I am going with Black Panther, which was a kick ass awesome movie! I loved every aspect of this movie, and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Song: I got hooked on a few new bands this year, thanks to my husbands great taste in music. The band July Talk is now on the top of my list of fave bands, but the song Roots by In This Moment is my binge song of the year.

Celeb Meet: Hands down, Manu Bennett. I met a few cool people and had a blast at comic con in Toronto, but he was on my bucket list for a few years and I was supposed to meet him a few years ago. He was an awesome guy, and I enjoyed chatting to him.

me and manu

I was so happy meeting him I didn’t even care I looked like shite in this pic haha.

Life Moment: Adopting our greyhound, Foxy. It has been a much more rewarding experience then I could ever have imagined. Watching her come out of her shell has been amazing. She’s a hoarder of stuffies and she makes me laugh every day.


Bucket List Moment: Getting to see Bryan Adams in concert with one of my best friends. Mr. C surprised me with the tickets last spring. He wasn’t able to come with me but miss Tanya joined me for an amazing night.


This year was a good one. I hope 2019 is just as good. What are your favorites of 2018? I would love to hear what book, movie or moment is on the top of your list! 🙂


Infinity War: My Emotional Rambles


Friday night me and the hubby finally sat down to watch Black Panther, which was amazing.  Since we finally were caught up, yesterday after running errands we did dinner and a movie. The obvious choice was going to see Infinity War, which we were both anxious to see.

So before I go any farther, there’s two things I need to say. For starters, this is less a review and more of a place for me to get my feelings out about this film. There are A LOT of details in this movie and I am only touching on a few of them.

And second:


You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

My husband told me as we walked into the theater that the one thing he heard was that there was multiple deaths.

Understatement of the year.

Infinity War basically started off with a bang. For the first few minutes I was expecting the screen to go black with ‘One Week Earlier’ or something pop up. But no, sadly not. The shit storm was just getting started.  Heimdall musters enough power to send Hulk back to Earth. Thanos then kills Heimdall, along with Loki. Within the first few minutes, two characters are dead and we were left wondering about Thor. I thought he was toast.

As the movie continues, I am an eager beaver for the reunion of the avengers, plus the guardians to meet up. Not to mention Doctor Strange, Spider Man, The Black Panther, etc…  I was really looking forward to these worlds colliding.

Even though this movie was not uplifting, it had comic relief which was much needed. I feel like Doctor Strange and Tony Stark could have a fun bromance. Drax and Groot are always great for lightening the mood as well.


The action scenes were all amazing. I loved how Doctor Strange fought alongside Tony and how their abilities intermingled.

I was expecting Captain America to die the entire time. Especially with Bucky back on the scene, I figured the Cap was finally going to bite it.


When he is face-to-face with Thanos I was thinking “Ok, here it is. It’s happening. Don’t cry like a baby in the theater.” Funny enough, he was one of the lucky ones to survive.

Thanos will stop at nothing to get the rest of the stones. In one scene he and Gamora are with The Red Skull to get the soul stone. Thanos is seen with tears running down his face. He kills Gamora so that he can take possession of the Soul Stone.

The team try to have Vison’s Mind Stone removed in Wakanda. (Sidenote: Shuri was one of my favorite characters in Black Panther. She is a super smart chick with some badass tech). Vison also comes to death at the hands of Thanos when Thanos took the stone out of Vison’s head. This causes an explosion and Wanda/Scarlet Witch dies as well.

By the end of this movie, almost everybody is dead. Not even joking. Thanos manages to get all the stones, snaps his fingers, and people start to disintegrate. The one that got me the most was Spiderman. I read earlier part of that scene he improvised.  Never thought Spidey would make me well up. He tells Tony he isn’t feeling so good before holding onto Tony saying “I don’t want to go” as he turns to ash.

While I know there will be a part two and a lot of the death and damage will probably be undone, I still sat in the theater when it was over in shock. The after credit scene wasn’t much better. Nick Fury turns to ash just as he sends a signal: the symbol we see is for Captain Marvel.

And I wonder, in part two, how much of the death will be undone? Will Loki and Gamora live again? Or are their deaths final? If nothing gets fixed that’s the shits since almost everyone is dead. But good overcomes evil, and the world needs more Avengers, Doctor Strange, Black Panther… But it leaves me wondering how the fuck is this going to get fixed? The gauntlet Thanos wore looked like it was damaged after he snapped his fingers. So, does the gauntlet reverse everything? Captain Marvel? Some other source of magic?


So many questions! I hate having to wait a year to find out what’s going to happen. In the meantime I will rehash everything with friends as we come up with a million theories as to what will happen next.

What are your thoughts on the movie? What do you think will happen next?

*Note: Images all found on Google.