7 Ideas for The Journaling Junkie


I love to write. Not just fiction. My mom introduced me to journals when I was eight years old. While I haven’t been perfect at keeping them over the years, I do enjoy it. It wasn’t until the last few years that I started keeping alternative journals. So, if you keep a diary/journal or if you don’t but want to, here are a few fun journals to do. (Note: I keep all of these)


Photo by Dariusz Sankowski. Found on Unsplash.

1- Positivity Journal. I started keeping this journal when the new year came in. It was a way of helping me change my mindset. Last year when Mr. C went away for work, I had to try harder to look on the bright side of things. It isn’t easy being apart from your spouse. I realized before too long that I was feeling better and my way of thinking was changing. So I took out my Wonder Woman journal on January 1st, and wrote down one good thing about my day. And I have done so every day since. Not only does it keep me on track, but at the end of the year I can read it and remember all the good stuff.

2- For the Bookworms. A reading log. I love this one. I started mine back in 2015. I write the title, rate the book, write a mini review and write some quotes. It’s a fun way to look back on books I have read and keep track of my yearly reading goals.

3-Book of Lists. I started this one last year. I am a lover of lists. So I thought I should put them all in one place. I have everything from what I need to do when I spring clean to what movies I want to watch. I tend to make notes on scrap paper when I want to read a book, buy something for home or have a random idea. But the thing about that is I tend to misplace those scraps of paper. So this journal helps keep my scatterbrain in check…somewhat. 😉

4- For the writer. I have journals set aside just for anything writing related. Character ideas, name ideas, plot ideas, story notes, etc… I take this almost everywhere I go, just in case I have an idea I want to jot down or a scene I want to work on.

5- Smashbooks. You can make one themed or have one for whatever randomness you wanna “smash” into it. These are a great place to keep  a memento like doodles, tickets, photos, etc…I have a few of these kicking around.

6-Dream Journal. I used to be really good for keeping one of these in the past. I plan to start one again soon. I dream a lot and I want to start marking these down again. They have helped for story ideas too…sometimes anyway haha.

7- Family Memories. Since my dad passed away, I am trying to hold onto the memories i have of him, but also the stories he told me about growing up and my grandparents. Someday my mom will be gone and I will struggle to remember things she told me. So I recently took out one of my many unused journals (I don’t write in them until I have the perfect topic for them) and began writing down these things. And if I ever have a child, I will pass these onto them.

So, what journals do you keep? Which new journal would you like to start?


My Book Journal


I had hoped to write another book review today, but since the week was busier then I had expected, I never had the chance to finish reading my current book. (Which happens to be ‘The Murder Prophet’, by Sherry D. Ramsey. I am loving it so far. She’s one of my fave authors, and who can go wrong with a book that has a talking goose addicted to video games?! But more on that another day.)

Earlier in the year while cruising around the interwebs, I found several posts and pictures on homemade reading journals. So I thought I would create my own as well. I have a Smashbook started, which I will write about another day. The journal is a bit more simple.


I’m such a geek that I needed to have a title page.

I started off the first two pages with a copy of my reading challenge for the year, as well as my first book of the year.

IMG-20150222-00731The info on each page is pretty basic. I have the title of the book and its author, my star rating, a mini review, a quote or two, the date I finished reading it,  and I even print off mini pic of the book cover.


I think adding stars is cute. I plan on buying a pack of stickers, to make it easier.

I hate my writing, so sometimes I will print off the title, like I did with ‘Lover Unleashed.’


By using the back and front of each page, this journal will probably last me a couple of years.

It’s a simple and basic book but I love this idea and I like keeping track of my books this way. I might start another one for books I have read in the past.

Do you have a reading journal? What info do you put in it?

Journals- My Newest Love Affair


Okay so being in love with journals and writing in them isn’t new to me, but my newest pride and joy is.

I was online the other day and I found this post from a girl on how she keeps track of her books. Each page has the title, the author, how many stars and a brief review. I honestly never thought of doing that before. I don’t know why the idea never occurred to me, but I love it and plan on doing that myself. I plan to start my 2015 books list once I get off the evil laptop, break out what little markers I have and go to town.

Once I read the post, I knew I had the perfect journal to use. Mr. C got me a cool one for Christmas. I never took it out of its wrapper until now, because I didn’t want it to get ruined or damaged. (I protect all my books like they are my baby. Even the ones I write in.)


My Game of Thrones journal. House Lannister. (I need to get House Stark, too.)


I have loved journals since I was a kid. My mom got me my first one when I was about eight years old. I have bought and filled many over the years.


It gets better. The front cover has a picture of the iron throne.


And better still. The back of the book has a map, AND the section on the right has a pocket.

So I am off to begin my book journal and work on my book themed Smashbook as well. If I like how things turn out, I will show you in a future post. 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!