Writing: Getting Back In The Game


It’s been a while since I sat down to work on a new piece of fiction or edit or finish an old piece. I could list a dozen or two reasons why I haven’t, but they would sound like excuses. Some of my reasons are valid. For example, when I’m in a deep depression, my creative brain is turned off for awhile.

My current problem: I need to shock it back to life.

While I feel a lot better than I have in…well, all year, that creative side of me is still kind of numb and shut off. And doesn’t that just suck?

Some writers have writers block. Others put writing off for one reason or another. And some writers sit every damn day and create something. (If you are that person, I think you are awesome and I hate you, just a tad. But mostly I think you are awesome).

I have been coming up with a game plan. One that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing. Maybe my game plan will help you get through your own writing slump or help you keep the wheels good and greased.

Get Crafty. Or garden. Or paint. Whatever works for you. Luckily for me, with the wedding next year I have a lot to do. I have always loved being creative, and when I am active in one area, it helps me in another.

Get Rid of Clutter. Cleaning your desk or creating your own little writing space can help you focus. No clutter means no distractions. My desk has a lot of distractions that need to be purged.

Be Realistic. If I sit down and decide to write 3000 words a day, I am going to fail. Like, crash and burn. Then I will feel like shit and like I can’t do anything. Boo. With anything, you need to be realistic with your goals. Start small and build on from there.

Remind Yourself Why You Write.  I need to start fresh. I need to do what I did when I was ten years old. Creating odd and wonderful worlds and not caring what anyone thought because this was MY creation. Because I LOVED doing it.

Talk To Your Writing Buddies. Maybe you have one friend who lives in another part of the country that writes. Maybe there is a local writers group nearby. If you have someone,  go for coffee or send them a message. Fellow writers are a great way to gain inspiration. My writers group is fab at giving me a kick in the pants. If you don’t know any writers, then check out online writers groups or ask your local library. (That’s where I found out about The Story Forge, the group I have been going to for the last twelve years).

It might not sound like much of a game plan, but the idea is to keep it simple. Have you ever been in a writing slump? What helped you to get past it?


My Book Journal


I had hoped to write another book review today, but since the week was busier then I had expected, I never had the chance to finish reading my current book. (Which happens to be ‘The Murder Prophet’, by Sherry D. Ramsey. I am loving it so far. She’s one of my fave authors, and who can go wrong with a book that has a talking goose addicted to video games?! But more on that another day.)

Earlier in the year while cruising around the interwebs, I found several posts and pictures on homemade reading journals. So I thought I would create my own as well. I have a Smashbook started, which I will write about another day. The journal is a bit more simple.


I’m such a geek that I needed to have a title page.

I started off the first two pages with a copy of my reading challenge for the year, as well as my first book of the year.

IMG-20150222-00731The info on each page is pretty basic. I have the title of the book and its author, my star rating, a mini review, a quote or two, the date I finished reading it,  and I even print off mini pic of the book cover.


I think adding stars is cute. I plan on buying a pack of stickers, to make it easier.

I hate my writing, so sometimes I will print off the title, like I did with ‘Lover Unleashed.’


By using the back and front of each page, this journal will probably last me a couple of years.

It’s a simple and basic book but I love this idea and I like keeping track of my books this way. I might start another one for books I have read in the past.

Do you have a reading journal? What info do you put in it?

Journals- My Newest Love Affair


Okay so being in love with journals and writing in them isn’t new to me, but my newest pride and joy is.

I was online the other day and I found this post from a girl on how she keeps track of her books. Each page has the title, the author, how many stars and a brief review. I honestly never thought of doing that before. I don’t know why the idea never occurred to me, but I love it and plan on doing that myself. I plan to start my 2015 books list once I get off the evil laptop, break out what little markers I have and go to town.

Once I read the post, I knew I had the perfect journal to use. Mr. C got me a cool one for Christmas. I never took it out of its wrapper until now, because I didn’t want it to get ruined or damaged. (I protect all my books like they are my baby. Even the ones I write in.)


My Game of Thrones journal. House Lannister. (I need to get House Stark, too.)


I have loved journals since I was a kid. My mom got me my first one when I was about eight years old. I have bought and filled many over the years.


It gets better. The front cover has a picture of the iron throne.


And better still. The back of the book has a map, AND the section on the right has a pocket.

So I am off to begin my book journal and work on my book themed Smashbook as well. If I like how things turn out, I will show you in a future post. 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!

Month Of Letters


A couple of weeks back I mentioned my personal snail mail challenge. Come February, my goal is to write one piece of mail each day.

I was on one of my penpal groups the other day,  http://www.geekgirlpenpals.com/, and I spotted a post where someone mentioned a month of letters, which happens to be February. I love the fact that I am not the only one out there that has the same thing on their mind, to have their own snail mail challenge.

While I am no longer looking for new penpals, my earlier post mentioned that if you want a piece of mail, I would be only too happy to send you one come next month. I have had three people get in touch with me so far, and that is three more then I thought I would have to be totally honest. So I am pumped! 😀

I’m going to spend some time this evening getting crafty and maybe making some envelopes. In the meantime, if you want some happy mail but have yet to contact me, go for it! As long as I don’t get a MASSIVE request, I plan on sending snail mail to anyone who would like a piece. Because who likes getting boring bills and junk mail?!

My email for this is thegeekybooklady@hotmail.com. Tell me a little about yourself and your address. And don’t worry, your addy is safe with me. Soon as I write you, I will delete the email and that’s that. If you have sent a legitimate email to me and have not heard back, it is because your message was marked as suspicious, and I won’t open anything of that nature. Oh, and to those lovely people who wrote asking for money, fuck off please 😉 (I find these funny, I mean who the fuck falls for that shit these days???)

Has anyone else decided to do this, or at least attempt it? I am looking forward to creating some happy mail to send off around the world 🙂

Writing and Snail Mail


This week has been crazy with NaNoWriMo. I had hoped to get to the 25k mark by tonight, but I’m just over 20k, which I am pretty proud of. My brain is slightly becoming numb so I thought that since I am ahead of things, today would be a good day to take a break and recharge. I decided that my new goal for the half way mark will be Tuesday evening. I am pretty confident that I can do it, since I’m not that far off.

In the meantime, my overworked brain is thanking me for the day off. I started the morning off by going for a walk and getting an iced coffee. And then once I was back home, I indulged in things I haven’t done all week. I caught up on my fave websites, played a video game, and then decided to make some happy mail.


So far this morning I have made two envelopes, using an old calender, some stickers and washi tape.  The one on the left will be traveling to The Netherlands once i get the time to sit and write her. The one on the right is a surprise for a friend in the USA. I love being crafty and creative and I am jealous when I see other people create art. There are many talented people out there, no matter if it is writing or scrapbooking, and I often wish I had their talent. But I don’t let that stop me from doing the things I love. I’m having fun, so that’s the main thing. And once in awhile I create a piece of gold I’m beyond happy with.

I’m going to step away from the computer for awhile, do coffee with friends before I watch this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. And if I can manage it, I plan on putting my nose in a good book for a little while.

So, what do you do when you take writing breaks? How do you recharge during Nano?