New Year And A Fresh Start


2016 was a crazy year for me. It was a good crazy, but it took the good out of me. After my wedding I pretty much just crashed. My Big Fat Geek Wedding was nothing short of amazing.


Our day was great, even when our bridal party turned into zombies. 😉 


My big day was just what I wanted, and something I want to share with my fellow nerds in the near future.

Then the holidays came and we all know how hectic they can be. Between work and Christmas prep, I didn’t have much time for myself.

But 2017 is here, and I am happy to be starting fresh. And getting back to my old self, slowly but surely.

I don’t usually make new years resolutions. But I do have things I want to do this year, like tackle my many unread books, write a story that has been stuck in my head for ages, and de-clutter my house.

Whatever plans and hopes you have for 2017, I hope the year is good to you!




Year End Wrap Up


I wasn’t able to be around much this month. With work and the holidays, I didn’t have any time nor energy to sit at the computer very much.

But here I am. Another year just about over, and new beginnings just around the corner.

I want to first of all thank all my awesome and lovely followers. To all of you who have stuck it out with me, who stay around for my rambles, thank you. You all rock! I have loved getting to know some of you and I hope that continues for 2016.

This past year has been a crazy one. There were some hectic and stressful moments but there were a lot of great moments. I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted but I did read some great works. I finished writing a novel, accomplished a lot for the wedding (Countdown to the geeky wedding…8 and a half months!), and I have learned who my friends are and aren’t.

I am not going to make promises to myself for the new year. But I am going to make plans. Like finish planning the geekiest wedding a person could see. 😉 Writing another novel, tackling the many unread books on my shelf, and making memories with the people I love.

I wish you all the best. I hope that 2016 is full of wonderful things. That you get what you want from it and from life. And that you stick around for another year of my rambles.

Much love to you all,

The Geeky Book Lady


Have Yourself a Merry Geeky Christmas


It has been a very busy month and I haven’t had much time to focus/think about regular day to day things let alone my blog and other fun stuff.

I wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas and thank you to all my followers for hanging in there 🙂 And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope your holidays (or at the very least the rest of December) goes swimmingly well for you.

In my home, Santa’s elves have been at play. Of coarse, it wouldn’t be a geeky holiday here without some of my fave things about. Even Yoda is in on the Christmas action.

santa yoda

Chewie was a little shy for the camera, but he’s around here too 😉

One thing that has been part of my Christmas since I was little has been stockings. (Imagine my surprise when I found out Mr.C had NONE until I came around! I had to fix that situation.)  Honestly, if all he did was take five bucks and get me a couple little things for my sock, I’d be happy. My dad, who grew up during the depression and had nothing for Christmas until he met mom, loved to open his socks the most. And I think that’s why I love it too. I think of him and his happiness. My sock is already lookin a bit full


When I was about sixteen, we started a new tradition, thanks to Mom being overtired. At about 3 am on Christmas morning, she was exhausted and still wrapping gifts. She got tired of writing ‘From Santa’ over and over, (yes, I still get gifts from the ol’ jolly man 😉 ), so she wrote ‘From Harry Potter’, which set her tired brain into a fit of giggles. Ever since, I never know what special elves are at work each year. And I was pretty stoked when I found out Mr.C does the same thing for me and his best friend. As you can see, some elves must drive a motorbike 😉


For the last few years, I buy something geeky for my tree. It’s not big or expensive, but I love seeing my collection grow each year. Tonight when I put on my new pj’s, sit with some Bailey’s, and open a gift with the future hubby, I will relax in front of the tree. My fave additions to the tree this year are my Ninja Turtles!!


I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and holidays 🙂 I would love to hear how you celebrate! Do you add some geek to the holidays?

It’s Over, So Now What?


Hello all!! To those of you who rode the roller coaster that is Nanowrimo, congrats to you for surviving it! If you didn’t finish, don’t be hard on yourself. You gave it a go and writing 5000 words is better then nothing! To those who wrote the 50k (and in some cases, double that) well done! (If you are one of the writers who wrote 75k and up, I bow down to you. Seriously, my brain barely cracked out the 50k.) To those of you who don’t write, thanks for putting up with my writing updates and the like. You are troopers.

Since I was finished a few days early, I spent the weekend being pretty much mindless. Coffee dates with friends, music and tv is what filled my weekend. Including the new episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ (I can’t even talk about it! OMG!)

Anyway, now that December first has rolled in, it is time for me to put aside the novel for awhile. It is on my list of things to do/finish come 2015. I need to step away from it, and let things settle and look at it again with fresh eyes and a invigorated brain cells.

My geeky Christmas preps are starting, and soon I have the book launch. I’m doing a reading which makes me feel nervous as hell, yet I feel pretty honored at being asked to do one. I am pretty excited that this Friday my newest short story will be out, and I will be among some wonderful authors. I am very excited to read their stories!

I have also thought of all the things that have been neglected during November. Not the cleaning, because who cares about silly dusting!? My book shelf grew over the month, thanks to book sales at the library. And more poor mail pile is creeping up. I made promises to write two letters last week yet failed on both. I’ll work on the mail pile this week, and hopefully get some reading in at some point. I’m trying not to stress too much over the holidays, and trying to do get in as much fun and craftiness as I can.

So, what plans do you have? Are you continuing to work on your novel or pushing it aside for the holiday madness?