28 Days of Lists: Day 6


The theme over in House Organa today for our ’28 Days of Lists’ challenge is ‘Antidotes.’

This one is kinda perfect for today. I don’t usually do the greatest in the winter. Lack of sunshine and all the cold makes me want to hibernate until June. So I try to do thinks to perk me up. Here is my own personal antidotes for those blah days. (And I will be partaking in one or all this weekend.)

1-Chocolate. Because chocolate cures everything.

2- Movies. My fave movie since I was seven years old is ‘The Princess Bride’. Westly has been my favorite hero and leading man for 25 years. (If I ever met Cary Elwes I will cry. Just sayin’.)

as you wish

My favorite line of all time, which will one day be inked on my skin. *Credit to Google*

3-Iced Coffee. Even in the dead of winter, I have this almost every day.

4-Hugs from the future hubby.



Which one to choose next?

6-Music. I crave music especially on my walks and when I am feeling a bit off.

7-My walks. Which I am missing out on a lot due to the weather/icy sidewalks. But there is nothing better then getting out in the fresh air, tunes in my ears and zoning out.


This is from last year, but we have about the same amount today. This is the view nearby. I like taking pics while out on my walks, especially after storms.

8- Snuggling up with a furbaby or two.


Missy ❀

9-Writing. If it is a letter, a journal entry or working on a story, writing is a great release and it has been my best form of personal therapy since I was a kid.

10-Sunshine. (Which I really hope shows up this weekend!)

So, what are ways you cheer up when having a bad day?

IGGPPC House Organa- 28 Days of Lists: Day 1 (Geeky Favorites!)


So over International Geek Girls Penpals Club, our house is having a 28 days of lists, to share in the geek love and get to know each other better. Β And being a list geek, how can I resist??? I will blog about my fave topics during the month.

(The way IGGPPC works, as far as houses go, is that there are four of them, broken down into age groups. Since I am in the 30 plus crowd, it is House Organa for me! )

If you are interested, check out my list for ‘Geeky Favorites’. (and maybe share your list with me too! πŸ™‚ )

1-Books!!! (duh!) Both reading them and the scent.

2-Collecting autographs (writing fan mail and conventions)

3-Comic Cons! (where meeting fellow geeks makes me tear up with joy)

4-snail mail

5-collecting business cards for geeky businesses

6-Supernatural (I am a Sam Winchester kinda gal but love me some Dean, too)

7-Sons Of Anarchy (if you can’t tell from past posts, I am just a lil obsessed)

8- Board Games and table top RPG (totally haven’t played in ages 😦 )

9- I’m a Nintendo girl. Love me some Yoshi!

10-Writing fiction.

So that’s a brief list of my geek loves. I am sure I could go on for ages.

Ok so what about you? What does your list look like? πŸ™‚