Writing Problems and Coffee


One of my very good friends, Jo-Anne from Inspiration Pie, and I had our weekly (or at least it seems like that 😉 ) coffee date this evening.

Jo-Anne and I met a few years ago at a Nanowrimo write-in. I instantly liked her and I am so pleased that she is now one of my closest friends. Our dates are a must especially when life is crazy or when we have writing brainstorms bubbling under the surface.

A little while back she borrowed the books that my short stories are published in. (You can find them over here.) I was eager to hear her feedback, and to tell me what she thought of my characters. The four of them are stand alone reads but deal with the same characters and an expanding world.

She told me some positive things that gave me a boost. I don’t just mean a “I feel great” kinda way (although I did). It sparked something in my writer brain. And with the way I have been feeling, I am in good need of a spark or two.

It also helped me realize a mental block that I have been having.

My main characters are Quinn and Lily, and I love writing them. I love being in their world. The last few times I have sat down to work on a new short story or novel, I didn’t get very far. I get frustrated. And therefore I don’t want to write. This world no longer makes me happy. It makes me stressed. So, what is this block?

I have too many ideas for them. TOO. MANY.

When I start writing, I start to second guess myself. Is this plot good enough? Should I have went with the other story idea I wanted to start? Should I combine Plot A And Plot C, or should B and C go better together?

Once I am in this train of thought, that’s it. Game over.

Jo-Anne gave me a great idea that I am going to try. Basically write out a big ol’ mind map. I plan to dig out my bristol board, tack it to a wall and start writing down my plots, story ideas and see which ones I can connect well and which should be stand alone. I am excited to get on this and see where it will take me. 🙂

There is always a solution to every writing problem. You just can’t give up on it.


My Love Of Books And A Question To My Fellow Bookworms


I’ve loved books all my life. Before my father passed away he told me how when I was about nine months old, if I was passed a book and it was backwards or upside down I would flip it right side up or turn it around.

I remember being three years old, mom or dad taking me to bed and being read to. And then asking for a second and third story.

When I was five I would sit for my oldest brother and tell him crazy stories about dragons and a princess and unicorns.

I remember the first word I ever read. I was in first grade and I ran off the bus yelling “Mom, I can read!!” I remember feeling so proud at being able to read the word “the”.

When I learned how to write I started putting my own words to paper and dreamed of being in a book. Seeing my very own story in print. In third grade my story (of a total of ten lines, I think) was picked to be published in a book called “Forever Friends”, which has stories from students in each grade, in schools across the province. And in high school another story, this one longer, was published.

I remember spending summers reading a box of books.

When my first short story was published in an anthology from Third Person Press, I was so proud of myself. Even though my dad can’t see what I have accomplished the last few years, he got to see me live my dream: my story in a book, and I got paid for it.

My point is, books and reading have been a part of my life for longer then I can remember. There is nothing I love more then diving into a new book. And so here is (finally, I know) my question:

What is your favorite quote about reading or books in general?

I am starting to focus on  my next tattoo. My first ink has meaning for me, and I plan to do that with each piece I get.

And it makes perfect sense to make my next one about my love of reading and the written word. There’s so many images and quotes to pick from. I think it will be an elaborate piece. So now the brainstorming has begun.

What is your favorite quote? If you were to get a tattoo reflecting your love of books (or even a certain book), what would it be? 🙂

‘Flashpoint’ — Cape Breton speculative fiction at its best – Columnists – Cape Breton Post


I wanted to share this here. I am very happy to see that Third Person Press has gotten some very good press this week 😉 The article is about the book launch for ‘Flashpoint’, and the future endeavor of TTP. My photo is even included, since I was one of three readers at the launch. I think it is wonderful to see our small and local press getting some well deserved and positive notice. 🙂


‘Flashpoint’ — Cape Breton speculative fiction at its best – Columnists – Cape Breton Post.

Books And Perks!


I received an e-mail just now from my editors over at Third Person Press. With the upcoming anthology coming out in December, they began an Indigogo campaign. They have done this once before and had great success!

Third Person Press is a small, Cape Breton based, press. I have known the three wonderful women who run it for at least ten years now. They have put a lot of hard work and time into putting these anthologies out. They have worked with me on every story I have put out. They are very involved with the authors, and are patient, supportive and positive.

If you are interested in the anthology, wondering why they are running a campaign, or what kind of perks you get, pop on over to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flashpoint-anthology. I just made my contribution. Even though one of my perks as one of the authors in this book is to get a free copy, I chose the perk that gets me another copy. Not only do I get to support my publishers (who have been my friends for a long time now), I also get some early Christmas shopping done 😉 (My friend in Australia is waiting patiently for her copy.)

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I’m still sick, and trying not to be depressed on missing the wonderful sunny day. Maybe I will go and get lost in a book! 🙂