From The Book Pile


My main goal for this year was to dive back into the pages of my beloved books. Mr. C said he wasn’t getting me books for Christmas (gasp!) because I still had so many I have yet to read. (He isn’t a book lover. He just doesn’t get the hoarding!)

But he surprised me and I did get books after all!

One of those books was The Walking Dead Compendium 2. Which is Β very thick book and basically makes up about four of the hardcovers.



I love the cover art for this book.

It took my time with this, since I wanted to savor it.

This book was fantastic. I am in love with this series. Both the graphic novels and the tv show.

The art work was great, as always. I found myself looking at every single panel. Looking at the details and admiring the work. The dialogue was well written. I got to know some characters better, and enjoyed new ones coming on the scene. Even though the book is always better then the movie (or tv show), I love the books and show equally. In fact the changes I have seen are better in the show. (Maybe that’s because I am happy certain people are still alive…no worries, no spoilers if you are behind!)

Now my next mission is to pick my next read…and when you have at least a hundred unread books, the choices are endless.



My ‘The Walking Dead’ Obsession and Newest Autograph


I’m a fangirl, plain and simple. I don’t care how old I get, I will always be one.

I have been obsessed with the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ when my fiance got me addicted to it the first season. Two years ago the reason we went to Fan Expo Toronto was because I REALLY wanted to meet Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon. That’s what spurred it on. With me saying “Ohhhh my God we have to goooooooo!” πŸ˜‰ I got to meet four actors that year, and three last year. (So all in all, Daryl. Merle, Glenn, Maggie, Andrea, Michonne, and The Governor.)

And TWD merchandise is always on gift lists. And every Sunday during the season, we never miss an episode. My phone gets turned off and I want zero distractions. (Although Mr. C would say I am a distraction since I get verbal when I talk to the screen. Good thing he can put up with me.)

So that brings me to my next bit of news. I have yet to meet Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes. But writing fan mail has yet again paid off!

rick auto

‘To Kerry, Big Zombie Love.’ My favorite one this year!

I am very stoked with my newest addition. I gave up a bit on getting one. Mr. C got two out of three since he wrote to three addresses available for Andrew. So when he got two back and I got none, I figured that third address was a dud. But apparently not!

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Who is your fave character?

This Winter Is Killing Me


Okay so not literally, but it fecking feels like it.

So far 2015 has been a cruel mistress, and the winter has been just as bitchy. (I’d like to use a harsher word, but my swearing is bad enough. No need to take it up a notch. At least not publicly πŸ˜‰ )

Just when I thought Spring has finally arrived with sunshine and grass and mud, we get more snow. And the melting landscape is once again a winter wonderland.


On Sunday I got home from taking care of my mom for close to two weeks. Hence my absence. (She’s fine, btw. Just post op recovery πŸ™‚ )

I had hoped to come back with a peppy update and book review. (I’m currently reading ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Stephen King). I thought I’d finish it at my mom’s but I didn’t even crack it open.

But I honestly feel very tired and run down. In a couple of days I plan to catch up on reading some of my fave blogs. And, if I can summon the energy, write a Fandom Friday post! I need to get the geek up and running in this place again! πŸ˜‰

I did get a couple of fantastic geeky letters and managed to send one out as well. Oh, and ‘The Walking Dead’ finale. HOLY. HELL.

I certainly hope you have all been well. Thanks for sticking around. πŸ™‚

What geeky things have you been up to? DID YOU WATCH TWD??? I NEED to know your thoughts!! πŸ˜‰

The Last Dash: One Week Left for NaNoWriMo


Hey all! So who is still giving their novel a go and who has given up on the month from hell? Last night I really debated on being done with it. I even told Mr. C that I was quitting Nano but I wasn’t giving up on my novel.

That all changed this morning when I woke up and thought “Fuck it!” and sat down at my laptop where I spent several hours catching up. I had not written a word in four or five days so I was waaay behind in my word count, unlike where I started at the beginning of the month which was waaaay ahead.

I wrote just shy of 7000 words. At the end, my poor brain felt numb and worked over, but it was worth it.

About 6500 words of that is garbage. I am not even joking. I can’t wait for December 1st to roll around because when edit time comes, I know the first section that is getting a major face lift.

I’m not sure if I am going to get to write ‘The End’ come the end of the month, and that’s okay. The fact I am writing and not giving up is what makes me proud of myself. I have been thinking of goals and challenges I want to set for 2015, and one of them will be to finish and edit this feckin novel, but not until my brain has been replenished of words and stops hating me for what I do to it each November.

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening making mail art before I watch this weeks episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ (I am super pissed there is no new episode of S.O.A this week. Kurt Sutter had to take his evil up a notch by making every one wait an extra week, didn’t he???)

How goes your battle? Hope everyone had a great weekend πŸ™‚

Walkers And Autographs


*********SPOILER ALERT*********

How AWESOME was ‘The Walking Dead’ last night!? I’m sorry (well, not really) but I have to take a moment to squeeeee about last nights episode. It was the best opening episode EVER! OMG! What I love about this show is that horror isn’t always the gore or the rotting zombies. When Rick and the guys were kneeling down and watching the other men have their throats slit one by one, my hands started to sweat and I felt weak. I felt their fear. As soon as I heard the explosion I just knew who it was. (The fiance didn’t agree with me…loved how he was proved wrong! πŸ˜› ) If you are a Walking Dead fan you have watched Carol change and develop so much since season one. She went from an abused woman, too afraid to stand up for herself to this awesome fighting machine. I am so back on the Team Carol bandwagon. I wasn’t really a fan of her back in the prison, but now…I want that chick on my side during the end of the world!!! It was awesome how everything came together. How she covered herself in walker guts to blend in, rigged that explosion and went after her friends. The show started with a bang (literally!) and ended perfectly. When they were all reunited, the best parts were Rick seeing his daughter, and the way Daryl ran to Carol. (I so hope they finally hook up this season…I’m not much for shipping but those two NEED to be together! Am I right???)

One of my geeky collections is autographs. I have been pretty lucky and have gotten to meet seven of the actors (at conventions. And all worth the money I paid.) I have a couple of photos but autographs from all of them. Collecting autographs is a hobby both me and my fiance have. He has way more, and it is a more recent thing for me. There’s two ways we get them.

The first: At conventions. If I have the chance to meet a celeb but can only do an auto OR a photo op, I almost always go for the autograph. You have time for a quick chat, unlike during the photo sessions. From ‘The Walking Dead’ I have met Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen, Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden, David Morrisey and Micheal Rooker. (To all the fans of Daryl Dixon, Norman is a pretty sweet and cool guys and gives pretty great hugs πŸ˜› )


The second: Through the mail. Years ago I wrote to celebs with little luck. Mr.C on the other hand had lots of luck. This year we both decided to start writing again, just for the hell of it. He has had many successes, but he has also written to a lot more people then me so far. There’s a few websites you can hit up. Some are free, while others have a small fee, like (which is what we now use). The best way to get a result is to send a self addressed stamp envelope with a photo you want signed. Sometimes an actor may return your item unsigned but will enclose a pre-print photo. Sometimes you will have no luck at all. And when you do get lucky, you have your photo sent back signed, and the odd time a small note. Greyston Holt from ‘Bitten’ wrote “thanks for the lovely letter” on the back of my photo. Mr. C recently got something from a hockey player, with a short letter inside. Here are a few that I have gotten in the mail.

DL autokyleimg045

As some of you may know, I love getting Happy Mail. And these always make my day! Do you collect autographs? How many are in your collection? πŸ™‚

Hello, October!


My favorite month of the year has FINALLY arrived! *happy dance*

There is so much about this month that I love. Hot chocolate, cool evening walks, Halloween, and the VERY important life event- the return if ‘The Walking Dead’! The countdown is on!!! πŸ˜€ (11 days to go!!! WOOT WOOT!!!) Who else is ready for some zombie ass kicking?!

I’ll probably be doing several autumn/Halloween posts during the month. There really is a lot going on for me during October. I think a big part of my love for it is Halloween. But I’ll save that for another day.

Another big thing this month is prepping for Nanowrimo. If you don’t know what it is, Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month, which takes place the month of November. The idea is to write a 50k word novel; a first draft. Since this is done on the honor system, you get more out of it if you don’t cheat. My first year was amazing. I wrote 25,000 words in the first three days, It started on the weekend, I had a basic outline, and I was full of excitement. In the years I have taken part, I have failed a few times but I don’t get down about it. Better to have written something, than not at all. So during October, I will be finishing character sketches and creating a rough outline. If you are interested, go to and check it out. πŸ™‚

My October has rung in with a migraine, so I have to cut this a bit short. I do plan to enjoy the brisk air this evening with a walk, and curl up with a book if my headache decides it is finished with me. What things about October do you love the most?

Recovering from Fan Expo


Earlier this week I flew back home to Cape Breton after a fantastic five nights in Toronto. My new fiance and I went there for the 20th anniversary of Fan Expo, a massive convention which brought in over 100k of us geeks! The convention ran from August 28th-31st.

It was a crazy yet awesome four days. I love going to conventions. There is so much to see and do and take in. The Toronto Fan Expo is held in the two buildings (which are huge) at the convention center. In one building (North), there were celebs, a bit of shopping, artists, and more. The main thing here for us was the celebs, as well as the smaller shopping area. We met a lot of actors, and not once did I walk away thinking I wasted my money. The only issue I had with people were a few of the volunteers who were “abusing their power” (I had more then one be a dick to me for no reason). I spent a shit ton of money, and now I am broke. Do I care? Nope, not really. I spent months saving up for this, and it’s going to be a few years before I can get to another big con. With any luck, I can go back to a smaller one held here in Nova Scotia called Hal-con.Β 

I got to meet three actors from ‘The Walking Dead’, (one of my top three fave shows); they were David Morrisey (aka ‘the governor’), Lauren Cohen (‘Maggie Greene’) and Danai Gurira (‘Michonne’). Β I also got to met Ray Park, Ray Wise, PATRICK STEWART (can you tell that made my life!?), Elijah Wood, Edward James Olmos, Steven Amell, STAN LEE, Jon Heder, Dave Batista and Robert Englund (who did the best photo op EVER! He had the glove and totally got into character).Β 

Over in South building there was a massive shopping area, along with displays and such. There was SO much geekery, that my brain shorted out. Seriously. I live in a SMALL town and we have very little here. My future hubby had to remind me which way to go after coming out of a shopping aisle. I was like the dog from ‘Up’. I’d look at one thing and freak out and in the middle I’d catch something else in the corner of my eye and freak out again. But it was fun, I had a blast, and eventually my brain could function normally again. Well, as normal as it gets…They had panels going on (which sadly, I didn’t get to a single one. I hear the Steven Amell panel was a big hit), displays like Groot and Rocket made from legos, the car from the tv show ‘Defiance’, and Arkham Knight. I loved seeing everyone in cosplay, and admired many costumes. There were a lot from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Star Wars,’ anime, and ‘Doctor Who’. I lost count as to how many photos I took. Last year it was about seven hundred.Β 

Another highlight was meeting up with two girls I met last year. We were ‘line buddies’ while waiting to meet Dean Cain. (who happens to give the BEST.HUGS.EVER) Anyway, we kept in touch over the year thanks to Facebook. We hung out over the weekend, and got to be line buddies yet again for our Elijah Wood photo op. The great thing about cons, is that no matter what you are into, you will meet people who share the same interest. And at the very least, understand your crazy and wonderful passion. I shopped and bought countless art pieces, two graphic novels, four paperbacks, a necklace inspired from ‘LoTR’, buttons and a few other bits and bobs.Β 

So after those crazy days we spent an extra day to relax and hit the zoo. I also got engaged while in the big city of Toronto. Since I have gotten home I have been reliving the trip, and planning our ‘Geek Chic’ wedding. And being the geek that I am, I am hoping to hit a convention for our honeymoon. πŸ˜‰Β