Recovering from Fan Expo


Earlier this week I flew back home to Cape Breton after a fantastic five nights in Toronto. My new fiance and I went there for the 20th anniversary of Fan Expo, a massive convention which brought in over 100k of us geeks! The convention ran from August 28th-31st.

It was a crazy yet awesome four days. I love going to conventions. There is so much to see and do and take in. The Toronto Fan Expo is held in the two buildings (which are huge) at the convention center. In one building (North), there were celebs, a bit of shopping, artists, and more. The main thing here for us was the celebs, as well as the smaller shopping area. We met a lot of actors, and not once did I walk away thinking I wasted my money. The only issue I had with people were a few of the volunteers who were “abusing their power” (I had more then one be a dick to me for no reason). I spent a shit ton of money, and now I am broke. Do I care? Nope, not really. I spent months saving up for this, and it’s going to be a few years before I can get to another big con. With any luck, I can go back to a smaller one held here in Nova Scotia called Hal-con. 

I got to meet three actors from ‘The Walking Dead’, (one of my top three fave shows); they were David Morrisey (aka ‘the governor’), Lauren Cohen (‘Maggie Greene’) and Danai Gurira (‘Michonne’).  I also got to met Ray Park, Ray Wise, PATRICK STEWART (can you tell that made my life!?), Elijah Wood, Edward James Olmos, Steven Amell, STAN LEE, Jon Heder, Dave Batista and Robert Englund (who did the best photo op EVER! He had the glove and totally got into character). 

Over in South building there was a massive shopping area, along with displays and such. There was SO much geekery, that my brain shorted out. Seriously. I live in a SMALL town and we have very little here. My future hubby had to remind me which way to go after coming out of a shopping aisle. I was like the dog from ‘Up’. I’d look at one thing and freak out and in the middle I’d catch something else in the corner of my eye and freak out again. But it was fun, I had a blast, and eventually my brain could function normally again. Well, as normal as it gets…They had panels going on (which sadly, I didn’t get to a single one. I hear the Steven Amell panel was a big hit), displays like Groot and Rocket made from legos, the car from the tv show ‘Defiance’, and Arkham Knight. I loved seeing everyone in cosplay, and admired many costumes. There were a lot from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Star Wars,’ anime, and ‘Doctor Who’. I lost count as to how many photos I took. Last year it was about seven hundred. 

Another highlight was meeting up with two girls I met last year. We were ‘line buddies’ while waiting to meet Dean Cain. (who happens to give the BEST.HUGS.EVER) Anyway, we kept in touch over the year thanks to Facebook. We hung out over the weekend, and got to be line buddies yet again for our Elijah Wood photo op. The great thing about cons, is that no matter what you are into, you will meet people who share the same interest. And at the very least, understand your crazy and wonderful passion. I shopped and bought countless art pieces, two graphic novels, four paperbacks, a necklace inspired from ‘LoTR’, buttons and a few other bits and bobs. 

So after those crazy days we spent an extra day to relax and hit the zoo. I also got engaged while in the big city of Toronto. Since I have gotten home I have been reliving the trip, and planning our ‘Geek Chic’ wedding. And being the geek that I am, I am hoping to hit a convention for our honeymoon. 😉