This Winter Is Killing Me


Okay so not literally, but it fecking feels like it.

So far 2015 has been a cruel mistress, and the winter has been just as bitchy. (I’d like to use a harsher word, but my swearing is bad enough. No need to take it up a notch. At least not publicly 😉 )

Just when I thought Spring has finally arrived with sunshine and grass and mud, we get more snow. And the melting landscape is once again a winter wonderland.


On Sunday I got home from taking care of my mom for close to two weeks. Hence my absence. (She’s fine, btw. Just post op recovery 🙂 )

I had hoped to come back with a peppy update and book review. (I’m currently reading ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Stephen King). I thought I’d finish it at my mom’s but I didn’t even crack it open.

But I honestly feel very tired and run down. In a couple of days I plan to catch up on reading some of my fave blogs. And, if I can summon the energy, write a Fandom Friday post! I need to get the geek up and running in this place again! 😉

I did get a couple of fantastic geeky letters and managed to send one out as well. Oh, and ‘The Walking Dead’ finale. HOLY. HELL.

I certainly hope you have all been well. Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

What geeky things have you been up to? DID YOU WATCH TWD??? I NEED to know your thoughts!! 😉


Snail Mail, Old Man Winter and My Currently Off Kilter Life


I feel like I should start off with an apology.

My life the last two months has been very up and down, and my inner timeline is messed up. Every time I think of a post that ‘needs’ to be written, my next thought is “Oh, that should have been last week.”

Like my Month of Letters in February. I wasn’t the best at keeping up with updates and fun mail.

I’ve got a few ideas rolling in my head that center around the writing life, books and other geekery, I just haven’t had the mental energy or brain cells to remember to write them up.

I’ve had my mom on my mind for the last week or so especially. She had a surgery (all went well!) but of coarse, the worry and stress took up a good 90% of my brain.

The winter and I don’t exactly see eye to eye, either. And with the shit show that has nailed us here on the east coast, it makes me want to hibernate with books, video games, and Storm Chips. (Because, every snow storm needs some salty goodness to get you through it.)

I’ve had a few shining moments in the last week or so. My newest autograph showed up in the mail.


John Lithgow in one of my all time fave movies, ‘Harry and the Hendersons.’

I was pretty stoked the day I opened this. I have been a huge John Lithgow fan for years.

I also had another ‘celeb’ pop up in my mail box when I got another fab letter from Shannon.


Captain America was joined by two other Avengers. #Snail Mail Win

I also got two late Valentines, which was a sweet surprise. Mel and Sarah both sent me one. The one from Mel is currently missing in my paper pile (If you are reading this, thank you and no rush with a letter. ❤ ) And this one is from Sarah in the USA.


Snail mail Valentine. Too cute eh?

So, I promise I will get properly on track as soon as I can. Right now Momma Bear comes first on my list and also in my head.

In the meantime, when I am not re-blogging other cool posts or making a quick stop in, I’m making a list of ideas for future ramblings.

I hope you’re surviving the winter. And don’t forget the Storm Chips! 😉