2018 Wrap Up


Another year is just a little ways from being over.

While there were some bumps in the road, I gotta say that this year was pretty good. I even accomplished more then I realized or expected.

Writing: I am pretty happy with what I have done this year, even though I had hoped to do more. But I blogged more then I had in awhile, published a new short story and self published a collection of short stories.

Reading: I didn’t meet my Goodreads challenge, unfortunatly. I had aimed for 15 but fell short at 9 or 10. I do have a new reading goal and plan for 2019 but I will save that for my New Years Day post.

Positive Vibes: About half way through the year I stopped writing in my positivity journal, but I didn’t stop looking at the good side of life. I had a lot of good things happen this year that helped keep me focused. New salon location, expanded with adding a new co-worker, adopted our greyhound, a trip to Toronto to name a few. The journal I kept really helped my mindset and made me feel better over all. That’s been a huge thing for me this year.

Goals for 2018: I didn’t cross everything off of my list but I crossed off some, and added a few things as the year went on. Usually I give myself a hard time for not finishing goals/projects but I learned to not be so hard on myself.

So, how was your year? Did you accomplish any of your goals?