My Slice Of Heaven


Everyone should have a spot just for themselves. Mr. C has his Man Cave (aka the living room), and I have my “Bear Cave”. (Fun fact: My nickname is Bear.) My spot is where I write letters, fiction and this lil old blog. It’s where I store my babies (aka my books) and work on my crafty projects. Recently I spring cleaned my office/library and took a few pics. I plan on adding a few new things, such as a bean bag chair so I can chill in here and read without being disturbed and another shelf for my growing collection of books and geekery.


The view from my desk. I especially enjoy my life sized Chibs and Jax Teller.


Partial view from my entrance. I’ve had that desk since I was thirteen. I shudder to think of how many coats of paint are on that thing by now. On days like today, that little window offers a great breeze.

My room may not be fancy and huge, but it’s all mine and I’m cozy here. It’s my happy place.

My pride and joy is my bookcase. I even have a section of authors I know (fellow writing buddies and friends.)


The first four books on the left are anthologies I’m published in.

I have all sorts of things in here. Anything pertaining to my love of writing or my geeky side is found in my room. I should add that my personal faves are in here, since we have geekery through out the entire house.


This old fashioned typewriter was given to me by a librarian I know. I wish I was able to use it but it makes a cool addition to my room.

I’m also a huge fan of art work. I have several fandom pieces hanging on my walls, and I also have some art given to me by close friends.


Pic doesn’t do it justice. Piece done by my one of my best friends, Sherry.

I love my little corner of the world. I can come in here and shut out the noise and stress of the world, even for just a little while. I am always adding to it, one way or the other. (Like when I sneak books in. Seriously, I have a problem. I’m okay with that though πŸ˜‰ )

Do you have your own cave or corner that is just for you? What is your favorite thing about it?


3 thoughts on “My Slice Of Heaven

  1. Glenn

    A mutual acquaintance of yours shared a link to your blog and I’m glad she did.

    Good stuff!!

    Couple things struck me. One, you referring to books as your babies. I have no children and have for years referred to my books as my children, and they are. I worry about them when they’re gone, about what kind of company they’re keeping, how they’re being treated, and when (if) they’re ever coming home and what sort of shape they’ll be in when they show up.

    The second thing is, I share an obsessive trait RE: my bookshelves. Since I could read, I’ve always arranged my bookshelves so that the books I’ve read are shelved in chronological order. It’s not a perfect system, I loaned books, borrowed books so there are holes in the saga, but it gives a general representation and timeline of my life’s (to date) reading.

    Some of the holes in that shelf are by design. Sometimes I feel my role is to make certain I put a certain book in a certain persons hand at a point in their life when they really need it. I guess in that way, I’m less of a parent and more of a caretaker – and some books are destined to end up elsewhere, even books that are cherished favorites.

    Anyhow, glad I stopped by your blog – cheers, and good writing.

    ~ Glenn

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    • bear1982

      Hello there!!! I am pretty sure I know who shared the link with you. I am glad you checked it out and like my blog πŸ˜€

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who refers to their books are their babies. Each one is my pride and joy. I rarely ever lend out a book unless I know and trust a person VERY well. I want to make sure they come home safe and sound and not end up on the missing list.

      I like how you arrange your books. My system also is far from perfect. I have hard covers on one shelf. I arrange by author at first. So all of my Stephen King, John Grisham and other popular author novels are all together. Then I *attempt* to arrange by genre. So romance, sci-fi, horror all have their own spot. I clean and re-arrange my book shelf just for fun on a Saturday night. That shows either how little of a life I have or how much I love them lol. πŸ™‚

      I like how you put a certain book in a person’s hand if you feel it is needed, and being a caretaker of books. πŸ™‚
      Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to do so any time! πŸ™‚


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